WWE Smackdown results – recap, winners and losers (February 5th)

Moving past the excitement of Royal Rumble, Friday Night Smackdown was back with even more scores to settle.


This week’s action was the first from the blue brand since Royal Rumble and one of their superstars came in especially hot.


We would see Smackdown’s fastest rising star, Bianca BelAir, for the first time since her epic Rumble performance, Roman Reigns bask in the glow of another underhanded victory and even an impressive title match. 

Here are biggest winners and losers from another week of Friday Night Smackdown.

WINNER – Edge 


The Rated-R Superstar turned up on Monday night, he turned up on Wednesday night and he turned up on Friday night to put every top champion in WWE on notice. He showed no fear staring into the eyes of the WWE Champion on Raw, he actively pumped up both Finn Balor and Pete Dunne before their NXT Title clash next Sunday and, when Roman Reigns called him out on Friday, Edge answered with his eyes fixed on those of the Head of the Table.

This week, Edge delivered three impassioned promos which were the tentpoles of WWE TV. Yes, he was outdone by Kevin Owens, who jumped Roman Reigns with another surprise stunner but, following his Royal Rumble success, this week was Edge’s. 

WINNER – Bianca BelAir

Bianca Belair

There’s no doubt about it, Bianca is the main event now. She showed up on Friday night full of energy, full of enthusiasm, full of confidence in her own abilities and it was a joy to watch. 

She shrugged off the disrespect of Reginald, laughed in the face of Carmella’s interruption and was visibly excited by the prospect of a clash with The Boss, Sasha Banks. She got the best of the promo segment, whipping Reginald into retreat with her hair, and is on top of the world right now. The EST is going to be a huge player in the women’s division all the way until WrestleMania – and for years after.  

LOSER – Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn and Apollo Crews

The conspiracy theorist has even more fuel for his ever-growing fire. Sami was stripped of the Intercontinental title last year, with the pandemic leaving him unable to defend his gold. Friday night gave Sami Zayn – and Apollo Crews – a shot at the title now held by Big E in a massive triple-threat match. Zayn almost won back the title he never lost.

Sami was a one-count away from stealing back his baby after hitting Big E with an oh-so-sweet Helluva Kick, but his chance was ruined by someone he didn’t even believe should have been in the match. Apollo broke up the pin, threw Sami into the timekeeper’s area, and was quickly pinned by Big E. 

Zayn lost without losing. He’s going to hate that.

LOSER – Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan

Bryan is not in a great place right now. He made his Royal Rumble intentions very well known – he wanted to win it – and, ultimately, he failed. His fortunes have not been any better on Smackdown, losing to an admittedly red-hot Cesaro twice in the space of three weeks.  

This week’s defeat was even more embarrassing than the previous, as the Leader of the Yes Movement tapped out to the Swiss Superman’s Sharpshooter. Something’s going on with Bryan, and WWE isn’t making what that is very clear just yet. All that we know is something’s got to change, and change soon.

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