Woolympics 2012: Bradley Wiggins meets Usain Bolt

See our exclusive photo as two of the heroes of the London Games get together to swap stories over a pound coin

This is the moment two of the biggest stars of the London 2012 Woolympics came face to face. GB cyclist Bradley Wiggins and Jamaican sprinting legend Usain Bolt were knitted by Rhoda Adamson of Sale in Cheshire and, while they may not boast quite the athletic prowess of the real thing, do bear a striking resemblance to the Olympic heroes.


The Woolympics has been running concurrently with the official Games, and although perhaps not quite as high profile, has engendered just as much passion among its devotees.


In the run up to the Olympics, Radio Times published the pattern for Usain Bolt and challenged knitters to sprint to the finish to create their own woollen Olympians before the Games began. Enjoy just some of the results – including a shot from the day when a knitted Bolt met the man himself – in our photo gallery.