Eifel Grand Prix race preview | In The Pit Lane with Crofty

Sky F1's Crofty brings us the latest exclusive Formula 1 race preview ahead of the Eifel Grand Prix in Germany.

Eifel Grand Prix

The F1 2020 calendar is about to take several irregular twists and turns in the coming weeks as the next four races all take place at non-typical tracks due to the reshuffled schedule this year.


Sky F1 favourite David Croft chatted exclusively to us ahead of the Eifel Grand Prix for our weekly In The Pit Lane feature, assessing the big storylines leading up to the race.

Crofty discusses Daniel Ricciardo’s resurgence at Renault, the future of Sergio Perez, and the perils of an ‘old-school’ racing track at the Nurburgring in Germany… in October.

Check out what the Sky Sports F1 man has to say below.

Daniel Ricciardo will have no regrets about 2021 move

DC: He’s the top points scorer not in a Mercedes car in the last four races. I think he will still be very happy going to McLaren, let’s face it McLaren are a very strong, successful team with a Mercedes engine next season.

He’s made that decision for a number of reasons and he’s got no reason not to be happy with it because he hasn’t been in the McLaren car yet obviously.

You want to see drivers of Ricciardo’s ability given the chance to make a move on another driver, overtakes, to be contending right at the front and to show what they’re really good at.

It’s a much better season for Ricciardo this season and he’s dominating his team-mate which you would expect from a man of his calibre, not that Ocon’s not a decent driver, but Ricciardo is a fine driver.

Sergio Perez unlucky to be racing for future

DC: I’m always impressed with Sergio Perez. He has scored in every race this season that he has started.

He’s on a run of 15 consecutive points finishes, he brings the points, he brings the car home and he is a solid, fine driver who is worth his place on the grid as a result of what he’s shown consistently, not just this year, but over the years as well.

It’s just unfortunate for him that Aston Martin wanted more race-winning experience in their driver line-up.

The Nurburgring track assessment

DC: Fans can expect an old-school circuit, straights into a braking zone, and chances to overtake – DRS should help with that as well. It’s a track that, while we haven’t been here since 2013, every single one of the drivers has raced here before in F1 or junior categories.

There are some particularly tricky bits with corners where, if you don’t get them right, they’re going to bite. Turn 1 is one of those, Turn 7 the hairpin at the bottom of the hill, Turn 5 and 6 have gravel traps at the bottom.

Because it’s an old-school circuit there’s lots of gravel and grass here. If you do go off, you’re going to know about it. There’s not a load of tarmac run-off areas, and I like to see tracks like that, tracks that need to be respected by drivers.

How to watch the Eifel Grand Prix

The race starts at 1:10pm on Sunday 11th October live on Sky Sports F1.

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