The pipes have played, Kylie's flirted with half-naked men, and your mate in work has finally stopped pretending he knows anything about lawn bowls. Yes, Glasgow 2014 is over.


Even the Scottish weather couldn't put a dampener on this year's Commonwealth Games, which have been hailed as the best ever. But while the hosts can be proud of keeping us occupied for 11 days, there are some moments that we will find very hard to forget from this year's Games.

From Usain Bolt's dodgy dancing to adorable Scotties via royal photobombs and Tom Daley's torso, here are 10 things we've learned from the Commonwealth Games.

1. They may be the best in the world, but athletes are terrible dancers:

Usain Bolt dancing to The Proclaimers: classic running man action there from the Jamaican.

Check out David Katoatau's boogie after winning weightlifting gold, and Clare Balding and Katherine Grainger shimmying in the commentary box during the closing ceremony.

2. Glasgow knows how to confront the BIG questions:

Questions like, Can Richard Funk?

Or, what does it mean to be Scottish?

3. Sport means nothing without sweet, sweet love:

Like the time when Scottish cyclist Chris Pritchard proposed to his girlfriend in the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome:

Not to mention John Barrowman's Opening Ceremony snog...

4. Royal photobombs are now part of official duties:

And discovered that even if you're 4ft 5in, you can still beat the world.

8. Scotty dogs make everything better:

Who needs Danny Boyle when you've got these little fellas?

9. Kilts are cool:

Yes, even the ones worn in the Opening Ceremony. Terrible parade uniform, demon tartan.

10. Table tennis players have the best celebrations:

Wedgie for the win?


This from Nigeria is just pants...