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Wedding day disaster! Will Rana jilt Kate at the altar in Coronation Street?

Corrie star Bhavna Limbachia has the gossip on all the Big Day drama...

Coronation Street, Kate Connor, Rana Nazir
Published: Tuesday, 12th March 2019 at 12:55 pm

The day of Kate Connor (played by Faye Brookes) and Rana Nazir's (Bhavna Limbachia) wedding is fast approaching in Coronation Street. But will some SURPRISE news on the morning of the wedding throw the Big Day into chaos?

Coronation Street, Rana Nazir, Kate Connor
Is Rana about to break Kate's heart and call off their Big Day? (Picture: ITV)

Coronation Street star Bhavna Limbachia, who plays Rana in the ITV soap, reveals more...

What can you tell us about Rana’s wedding dress?

"We had to think practically because there’s a lot of action happening on that day. It’s very girly, it’s not something that I would personally wear but it is right for Rana. Rana’s dress is made with a similar lace fabric to Kate’s wedding jumpsuit because she wants to have something similar to Kate."

Tell us what happens on Monday 18 March, the morning of Kate and Rana’s wedding day?

"Everything is great until Rana's brother Imran reveals that he has been to see their mother, Saira, because he felt it was important that she knew that Rana was getting married. Imran tells Rana that their mum isn’t quite ready to accept hers and Kate’s relationship but if Rana got married in six months time she might be able to accept it and come to terms with it."

How does Rana feel about Imran’s revelation?

"By this point Rana is so angry with her mother because she thinks, why does she have to do this on my wedding day? She thinks it is very selfish. Imran explains their mum only needs time and he hands Rana this old bracelet that belonged to their grandmother and their mother wants Rana to have it. When Rana sees this she is torn, she doesn’t know whether to postpone and wait or just go ahead with the wedding and marry Kate. She’s confused."

Coronation Street, Kate Connor, Rana Nazir
Rana receives a beautiful wedding gift from her mum Saira. (Picture: ITV)

Why does the bracelet change Rana’s mind?

"She just wants to shut out the situation with her mother and deal with this later but when she is handed this sentimental piece of jewelry from her grandma she know that her mum does mean well so she doesn’t know what to do."

Why does Rana want to give her mum a second chance?

"The bracelet is just so sentimental and she hasn’t had that connection with her mother for a while, Rana sees it as a peace offering. Her mother is the most important woman in her life aside from Kate. All she has ever wanted in her life is her mother’s love and her mother’s approval. She sees this moment as an opportunity to reconnect with her mum."

Coronation Street, Kate Connor, Johnny Connor
Will Kate be jilted at the altar by Rana? (Picture: ITV)

How do you think the fans will react over Rana’s dilemma?

"They are going to be devastated, especially the Kana fandom, because they have followed this journey from day one. They know that they have fought so hard to be together and have been through thick and thin and the last thing they want is for Rana to have cold feet and to be filled with doubt. Rana is a bit flaky like that, she does get scared, she has her flaws and she is very vulnerable and I think the fans will be rooting for Rana and Kate to just get married and to be happy for once."

What advice would you give to Rana?

"I would say to Rana, follow your heart and be true to yourself. Your wedding is such an important event in your life and it is about you and you have to remember that, nothing else should matter on that day. Be good to yourself and those around you."


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