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Sally Metcalfe DEAD in Coronation Street roof collapse?

Has the factory disaster victim been revealed?

Published: Wednesday, 20th March 2019 at 6:44 pm

Coronation Street has put the life of Sally Metcalfe on the line in a dramatic double bill just screened tonight. An explosive cliffhanger saw Sally plunge from the top of Underworld onto the factory floor below after the roof gave way beneath her.


Her sister Gina could only look on in despair as Sally plunged to what could end up being her doom - the last shot of the episode being Sal lying unresponsive and covered in brick dust.

When we return to Corrie on Wednesday, an already tense situation looks set to get even more fraught.

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Sally remains unconscious and trapped under falling debris, while the bodies of the factory staff who'd barricaded themselves in at the premises can be seen slumped next to each other as water from a burst pipe seeps across the floor towards a live power cable.

Meanwhile, Tim, Abi and Tyrone force their way in to help before emergency services arrive to search for the survivors. Suddenly, a loud noise signals the last section of the roof collapsing as debris raise in on those still trapped.

Coronation Street has already revealed that one key character will not be making it through to the end of the week. But which familiar face is set to meet their maker? And could a mystery saboteur end up with blood on their hands?


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