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And the nominations for Best Exit are...

Todd Boyce (Stephen Reid), Coronation Street

Todd Boyce as Stephen Reid and Paula Wilcox as Elaine Jones in Coronation Street
Stephen as Todd Boyce on Coronation Street. ITV

Up for two awards is Todd Boyce, for his nefarious portrayal as serial killer Stephen Reid. As the hunt commenced for Stephen, the killer met his demise when he was killed by Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne)!

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Chris Gascoyne (Peter Barlow), Coronation Street

Chris Gascoyne as Peter Barlow in Coronation Street. he is wearing a green jacket and is looks concerned at something next to him.
Chris Gascoyne as Peter Barlow in Coronation Street. Netflix

There wasn't a dry eye to be seen when Chris Gascoyne said goodbye to the cobbles and Peter Barlow after 23 years. It was a sombre Boxing Day as Peter left on a tram to fly to Spain and join his friends on a ship, after despairing over his life in Weatherfield.

Danny Walters (Keanu Taylor), EastEnders

Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor in EastEnders. He is wearing a black leather jacket and is stood in the boxing gym. His hands are placed in front of him as he looks up.
Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor in EastEnders. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

It was a whodunnit for the ages when EastEnders flashed forward to Christmas Day in February 2023, leaving fans to theorise who was killed at Christmas... but it wasn't who we all thought!

While Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) was the body lying on the floor in The Vic, it was Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) who was killed by Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) after he attempted to kill Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean). While he has returned to haunt Denise Fox (Diane Parish), Danny Walters's time in Walford has come to an end.

Elizabeth Counsell (Gloria Knight), EastEnders

Elizabeth Counsell as Gloria Knight in EastEnders. She is wearing a pink jacket and has her hands in her pockets as she looks up. She is stood in The Queen Vic.
Elizabeth Counsell as Gloria Knight in EastEnders. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

When George Knight's (Colin Salmon) parents entered Walford, no one was too sure what they were trying to hide, but all was laid bare in a special episode when it was revealed George was farmed as a child, rather than adopted as he had been told.

After discovering Eddie Knight (Christopher Fairbank) was on trial for the murder of his father, Kofi Asare, the trial became all too much and Gloria Knight (Elizabeth Counsell) collapsed outside the courtroom.

In heartbreaking scenes, George held Gloria's hand and told her Eddie would be sent to prison. After coming to peace with the news, she told George she felt free and he apologised for everything before she passed away peacefully.

Bhasker Patel (Rishi Sharma), Emmerdale

Bhasker Patel as Rishi Sharma on Coronation Street.
Bhasker Patel as Rishi Sharma on Coronation Street. ITV

In a twist no one saw coming, Rishi Sharma was found dead on the day of Jai (Chris Bisson) and Laurel's (Charlotte Bellamy) wedding, with Bhasker Patel bowing out of the role after 12 years.

Prior to the big day, Rishi revealed that Jai's real father was Rishi's brother, Amit Sharma (Anil Goutam), who viewers have seen cause havoc in the village since his arrival and subsequent exit.

Sebastian Dowling (Heath Hope), Emmerdale

Sebastian Dowling as Heath Hope and Gabrielle Dowling as Cathy Hope in Emmerdale
Sebastian Dowling as Heath Hope in Emmerdale. ITV

Emmerdale began the new year in dramatic fashion when Heath Hope (Sebastian Dowling) was killed in a car crash after a teenage joy ride went horribly wrong.

Desperate to attend a house party in Hotten, twins Heath and Cathy Hope (Gabrielle Dowling) and friend Angelica King (Rebecca Bakes) stole Wendy Posner's (Susan Cookson) car during the New Year's Eve party. Once the worried parents noticed the car and their children missing, they all began to ring their phones but were ignored.

Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) and Wendy's worst fears were confirmed when they discovered the car on the side of the road and an unconscious Heath could be seen in the back seat, fighting for his life.

Owen Warner (Romeo Nightingale), Hollyoaks

Owen Warner as Romeo Nightingale on Hollyoaks.
Owen Warner as Romeo Nightingale on Hollyoaks. Channel 4

After six years on Hollyoaks, Owen Warner bowed out of the show and saw his character, Romeo Nightingale, flee the village on a horse.

Last year, Romeo was involved in one of the soap's biggest storylines: who killed Rayne? After four long months, it was shown that Rayne Royce (Jemma Donovan) began attacking Romeo after finding out he had slept with Peri Lomax (Ruby O'Donnell). Acting in self-defence, Romeo accidentally killed Rayne.

In order to avoid prison, Romeo's friends helped him escape.

Erin Palmer (Ella Richardson), Hollyoaks

Erin Palmer as Ella Richardson in Hollyoaks. She is wearing a yellow dress and is looking ahead with a worried expression. Her hair is pinned back and she is wearing a necklace as she is stood in front of a blue background with fairy lights dangling down.
Erin Palmer as Ella Richardson in Hollyoaks. Lime Pictures

In another dramatic hour-long special, Ella Richardson (Erin Palmer) was killed in a major car crash, leaving her father Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) devastated by the news.

It was later revealed that Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) was responsible for Ella's death after driving carelessly while trying to get his daughter to hospital.


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