There's nothing more terrifying than a Paul Robinson (played by Stefan Dennis) who's after revenge on Neighbours - and he's got a pretty good reason to be.


In a devastating twist in recent episodes, fan favourite David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) died after his holiday retreat went wrong.

While the residents of Ramsay Street come to terms with what's happening and grieve their loss, there's one who will most likely be handling this dreadful news badly - Paul.

Speaking exclusively to, Honda explained how the news of his character's death could impact him.

"Paul not responding well is probably an understatement," he laughed.

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Stefan Dennis (as Paul Robinson) wearing a black blazer and white shirt with his hands clasped
Stefan Dennis (as Paul Robinson).

"Hopefully he doesn't go out and do something even worse to somebody else, because that's often his playing card."

Honda continued: "Over the last eight years, David and Paul have developed quite the incredible relationship, and right now they're not in a great place.

"Someone once told me that you can only hate those you love, truly, and David has been hating Paul because he loves him so much. He knows what Paul could really be if he let himself be it.

"Paul, in his own twisted way, keeps robbing himself of being able to be that person."

Honda continued: "And it's funny, because David's not been talking to Paul this whole time. He's been wanting Paul to change because he doesn't know what else he can do. He's tried to give him chances to do the right thing each time.

"I think, poetically, David would love if his death would mean that Paul would finally open his eyes and realise he needs to do things in a different way. Otherwise, those that love him are going to leave him one way or another.

"Whether that could happen on the show for Paul is another thing, because he plays that semi-villain character. No matter how villainous he becomes, the audience loves him more and more..."

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