Neighbours aired its much-anticipated finale to huge fan acclaim last night (29th July), but some viewers noticed a few things amiss.


Fans of the long-running soap took to social media during the episode to note that some scenes which were included in the Australian broadcast of the finale had been trimmed in the Channel 5 version.

Viewers noticed that Sky Mangel's (Stephanie McIntosh) video cameo had been removed, while a brief moment where Natalie Imbruglia's Beth Brennan tells son Ned Willis that she loves him had also been cut.

A sweet exchange involving Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) and Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) had also been taken out of the UK showing – the moment saw Karl tell Toadie: "Toad, you're like a son to us – well that's ridiculous, isn't it? Toad, you are a son to us. Toadie, Melanie, kids - you're part of our family and you always will be."

In response to the edits, one fan wrote on Twitter: "I don't really understand why they couldn't just add another 5 minutes to the running time so that there weren't any cuts made. I know these are only small cuts but some lovely lines and moments that would've been lovely to see."

Another added: "It seems I need to watch the Australian version as we missed a lovely scene between toady, karl and Susan. I mean, it’s no hardship to watch it again but come on Channel 5!"

Neighbours' finale saw Toadie and Melanie get married in a beautiful ceremony Channel 5

It's worth noting that the broadcast schedule was slightly different in Australia compared to the UK.

On Network 10, the finale went out on Thursday and was a 90-minute-long special comprising the last three episodes cut together, while Channel 5 aired the antepenultimate episode in its traditional slot of 1:45pm and 6pm on Friday, with the final two episodes making up the hour-long special at 9pm. has reached out to Channel 5 for any comment.

The Neighbours finale itself was widely praised by fans both old and new, with viewers declaring it "so wonderful" and the "end of an era".

There was also one moment that didn't make it into either the UK or the Australian broadcast, with the soap's script producer Shane Isheev detailing one emotional scene that sadly had to be cut for time.

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