Madge Bishop made a comeback for Neighbours' emotional finale tonight (29th July), as star Anne Charleston appeared in the role 21 years after her character passed away.


The beloved wife of Harold (Ian Smith), Madge was the sister of original character Max Ramsay (Francis Bell) and the mother of Charlene Robinson – played by Kylie Minogue who also popped back for the Australian soap's farewell.

Madge and Harold married in 1988 and the couple endured many hardships together, including Harold's bout of amnesia after being lost at sea, which saw him go missing for five years. But they weathered every storm, only for Madge to pass away in 2001 after battling pancreatic cancer.

In 2015, Charleston returned for a brief stint as Harold began to see Madge as a figment of his imagination. He was struggling to move on, but eventually they said their goodbyes once more, and Harold has shared his experience of grief as well as his treasured memories with his soulmate as he headed back to Ramsay Street in recent weeks.

Now, seven years after her last visit, Madge was back – this time playing a role in Susan Kennedy's (Jackie Woodburne) closing monologue as she remembered all those lost characters throughout the years.

"What would they look like if they were still alive?" Susan questioned, as the camera flicked to a glimpse of Madge sitting beside Harold at the street party.

Charleston's reappearance had not been officially confirmed, but there had been rumours of a ghostly presence. She was joined by fellow stars who revived their late alter egos for the occasion, including Eve Morey as Sonya Rebecchi and Ben Turland as Hendrix Greyson.

Seeing Madge and Harold back together again was a joy, especially for those long-term viewers who have always hailed the Bishops as one of Neighbours' most iconic couples.

It was certainly the perfect time for reunions – so however sad we are about Neighbours ending (and that's very!) at least all our favourites were seen smiling until the very end.

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Neighbours' final episode premiered on Friday 29th July at 9pm followed by Neighbours Made Me a Star at 10:05pm and Neighbours: All the Pop Hits & More Especially For You at 11:35pm on Channel 5. Check out more of our Soaps coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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