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Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 25 October 2013

28 Oct-1 Nov: Callum and Ash's memorial takes place, while Lindsey and Cindy look set to destroy evidence logo
Published: Friday, 25th October 2013 at 11:01 pm

Monday 28 October


Maxine receives a devastating diagnosis, but can she rely on Patrick for support? One villager has finally found the family they so desperately wanted, but will they be accepted? Vincent struggles to adjust to life back in Hollyoaks, leading Phoebe to make a shock proposition. At a certain memorial, can one of the Savage brothers retain their silence?

Tuesday 29 October

Lindsey decides to tell Joe the truth, but will Cindy’s powerful secret stop her? Maxine lies to Patrick to save her relationship, but can she outsmart him? The Savage brother's satisfaction is short-lived when he is confronted by two angry parents. Meanwhile, Vincent and Phoebe make plans for their future but, when they face opposition from the McQueens, will their happiness be fleeting?

Wednesday 30 October

Cindy and Lindsey have to take drastic action to cover their criminal tracks. Theresa strikes up an unlikely friendship with a new girl in town, but does her new friend have an ulterior motive? After so much heartache, can Maxine and Patrick ever forgive one another? Meanwhile, Ruby makes a worrying discovery, while Nancy’s return causes a stir.

Thursday 31 October

Cindy and Lindsey need to dispose of the evidence, but will anybody or anything change their minds? A much loved couple are forced to reunite, but just how close will they get? Can Lindsey ever bring herself to confess her secret to a suspicious Joe? Meanwhile, Sienna lands herself in money troubles, while Ruby gives in to her paranoia.

Friday 1 November


Sienna makes a desperate move for quick cash to ensure her sinister plan runs smoothly, but will she be discovered? Lindsey shows Joe she is ready for the big commitment, but can Joe cope with his regret? Ziggy tries to avoid Ruby, but can her efforts win him back? Danny tries to help a loved one move on, while Cindy and Lindsey try to keep their trail of evidence cold.


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