Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 27 June 2014

30 June-4 July: Cindy has terrible news, while the McQueens fall victim to Nana's spiralling debts

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Monday 30 June


Holly is horrified to discover Cindy’s mystery man – will a family friend be equally concerned? The McQueens are desperate not to be evicted from their home, but will their hard work pay off?  Can Dennis coax Blessing out of the house?  And Freddie’s threat continues to linger over a terrified Mercedes.

Tuesday 1 July

The McQueens come to terms with their life-changing news, but is everything as it seems? With Blessing ecstatic at last night’s events, will her excitement be short-lived? Are Robbie and Phoebe on the rocks?  Cindy and Holly hunt for their missing prize, while malicious Sienna is up to her old tricks again…

Wednesday 2 July

Sonny pushes Carmel into making a difficult decision – will she abandon her family at their time of need? Sienna is prepared to go to extremes to stop Tom testifying against her in court, but when Darren crosses her path, what will she do? Dennis attempts to solve Blessing’s problems – will his idea be a success?

Thursday 3 July

Pushed to the limit, who will Darren take his anger out on? And will he regret his actions before it’s too late? Blessing makes a shock decision, leaving Dennis stunned. Feeling vulnerable, who will Nancy turn to for comfort?

Friday 4 July


Will the McQueens’ wait finally pay off? Or will Mercedes’s own battles interfere with their last chance of being a happy family? Have Sienna’s troubles finally been put at bay? And has Dennis missed his final chance with Blessing?