Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 20 June 2014

23-27 June: Holly decides to follow Cindy, while Joe is desperate to get rid of Rick

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Monday 23 June


Holly and Dirk are concerned for Cindy – what is she hiding? Joe and Freddie promise not to push Rick out of their lives once again, but can the boys keep to their word? Has Nana found the answer to her money woes?  Freddie and Mercedes’ plan is underway, but what is the secret weapon Grace has up her sleeve? Meanwhile, Robbie gets the raw end of the deal.

Tuesday 24 June

It’s Jason and Robbie’s 18th birthday, but will it be a happy one? As Grace and Mercedes grow close, will the plan still go ahead? Has Rick struck gold with his latest quest? Holly tries to make it up to an ex, but will the feelings be reciprocated? Will Nana confess to her wrong-doing?

Wednesday 25 June

It’s trial day. Grace weaves an unsuspecting villager into her malicious plan, but is it enough to ensure she walks free? Joe’s nervous in court, but keen to see Grace be punished for her actions. Robbie and Jason are left bitterly disappointed by someone close. When Sonny is met with a moral dilemma, what will he decide?

Thursday 26 June

It’s judgement day, but will Joe get the verdict he wants? Mercedes ups her game but finds that her nemesis does the same. Whilst the McQueens are all devastated to learn of their fate, Carmel takes matters into her own hands. Nancy offers support to a friend, but can she help the situation? And will Dirk get the bottom of Cindy’s odd behaviour?

Friday 27 June


Will Mercedes and Freddie be held accountable for their actions? Or will they manage to shift blame elsewhere? Holly learns of her mum’s infidelity, but who is Cindy’s secret lover?  As Darren’s made aware of Nancy’s whereabouts, how will he react? Nana promises to sort out the McQueens’ mess, but can she be true to her word?