Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 6 June 2014

9-13 June: Jason thinks he’s found the solution to his insecurities when he meets a steroid dealer, while Freddie continues his vendetta against Grace

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Monday 9 June


A new arrival in the village pays close attention to Dodger, but what is she searching for? When Jason decides to seek revenge on Holly’s attacker, nothing can prepare him for what he finds. Elsewhere, Freddie and Mercedes continue their secret plan, and Ziggy attempts to play matchmaker.

Tuesday 10 June

Jason’s still reeling from his discovery yesterday, but will his lies land Dodger in more trouble? When threatened with her life, will Mercedes be able to keep her deceit from Grace? Will Joe and Lindsey ever work through their differences?

Wednesday 11 June

Patrick is furious that Sienna is lying to him, but will she find her daughter despite his best sabotaging efforts? Freddie takes Jason to an illicit job, but is he unwittingly getting Jason into more trouble than he knows? Are Nancy and Robbie getting too close for comfort? Dodger shuns his new friend, leaving her with nowhere to go.

Thursday 12 June

Will Patrick stay true to his word and allow Sienna to meet her daughter today? Leela helps out a villager in need with no idea who she really is. Irritated by Robbie and Nancy’s growing friendship, will Phoebe do something she regrets? Holly is full of hope, while Jason continues to feel inadequate.

Friday 13 June


Leela tries to reign in Sienna’s emotions, but has Sienna done more harm than good? Tegan and Blessing go head to head, but will one of them back down? Jason’s obsession is taken to the extreme, with a shocking outcome. Is it enough to make him think twice about his new habit? Meanwhile, Maxine is once again a victim of Patrick’s anger.