Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 10 May 2013

13-17 May: Dodger is cleared of Texas's murder, while the true killer is happy to let everyone else take the fall

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Monday 13 May


As Dr Browning attempts to conceal his illicit secret, is Mercedes on to him? An unexpected visitor walks into the scene of their crime, but how will Dr Browning convince them to keep quiet? An eyewitness ensures the odds are stacked against Dodger, while Doug is concerned by a rapidly blooming relationship.

Tuesday 14 May

Jim and Dr Browning’s elaborate plan to woo their loved ones appear to have worked; but for how long? As Leanne concocts a plan to release Dodger, how much is she willing to risk? Meanwhile, Carmel reaches a devastating conclusion about her cousin’s innocence.

Wednesday 15 May

As the hunt for Texas’s murderer continues, Ash and Barney are faced with overwhelming evidence against their friend, leaving them with a heart-breaking decision to make. The McQueen sisters are at war, but who will face the full brunt of their feud? Doug fails to restrain his anxieties, whilst Tony’s attempts to win round Finn backfire. And what is a bitter Ste plotting?

Thursday 16 May

As the evidence mounts up, who will be charged with Texas’ murder? And is someone to blame for planting this incriminating proof? Can Mercedes and Carmel put their differences aside to ensure a smooth opening night? Ste steps up his game plan, whilst John Paul attempts to make amends with Doug. Elsewhere, Robbie gets an ambitious idea.

Friday 17 May


As desperate times call for desperate measures, Callum makes a shocking decision that could change his life. With accusations rife, will the truth about Texas’ killer finally be revealed? Dr Browning is raging from the latest allegations and vows to discover the truth. And for how much long can Tony keep his secret from Diane?