Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead- 9 May 2014

12-16 May: The Lomaxes get a shock, Dennis thinks Blessing is stealing from him, while Holly and Jason turn up in Southport

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Monday 12 May


Will the Lomaxes grow wise to Sienna’s wicked ways? Nana McQueen attempts to repay Ziggy’s kindness, but will she succeed? George fantasises about his date, but could it really go any further? Is love on the cards for Dennis and Blessing? Elsewhere, with their money fast running out, what will Jason and Holly do?

Tuesday 13 May

It’s the day of the school play, but no-one is prepared for the shocking grand finale. George’s guilt gets the better of him, but will he feel any different after a pep talk from Ziggy? Are Holly and Jason in more serious danger than they originally thought? Tom’s worried about Sienna, but will Peri heed his warnings? Dennis has had enough of Blessing acting suspicious, but has he jumped the gun?

Wednesday 14 May

Still reeling from yesterday’s revelation, could this be the end of the Lomaxes? Despite Dennis trying clear up the misunderstanding, has he lost Blessing forever? As Jason’s condition deteriorates, will he reach Holly in time?

Thursday 15 May

When Jason is forced to admit that he can’t go home, will his new-found acquaintance offer a solution? Sienna makes Peri’s wildest dreams come true, but with the Lomaxes hot on their heels, will the pair leave the village forever?  Dennis’s odd behaviour leaves those close to him confused and worried.

Friday 16 May

When a source close to Jason fights for his freedom, is Sonny’s time up? Jason is desperate to make amends with Holly but has he missed his chance? When Dennis makes his move, Blessing reveals a secret from her past to a surprised Tony.