Monday 31 March


With Katy’s health declining, Finn’s suspicions grow, but does he really believe his sister could be to blame? Ste is intent on revenge - could this be game over for Fraser Black? Charming Ziggy makes somebody’s day and on her way to work, Leela’s horrified to be met by a shocking scene of devastation.

Tuesday 1 April

As Leela helps Sinead out of the wreckage, will Sinead be OK? And will she reach Katy in time? Will Diane believe the cutting accusation against her own daughter? Peri is chuffed to receive a special visitor, whilst Dodger tries his best to win Dennis a hot date with Blessing.

Wednesday 2 April

As Sinead struggles to come to terms with the news, will her own husband turn his back in her hour of need? Are the police any closer to catching the person responsible for the crash? When Blessing reveals her true feelings, how will Dennis react? Peri’s decision infuriates her family, while Ste has had enough.

Thursday 3 April

Freddie wants to be there for Sinead, but is it too little too late? Peri attempts to live her life to the full - is love in the air for her and Tom? An insightful revelation leaves one of the Lomaxes gobsmacked. Ste makes a discovery that could change everything, and is Sandy about to discover the whereabouts of her missing son...?

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Friday 4 April

John Paul’s forced to truthfully answer some tough questions, but will the outcome leave him totally isolated? Ste’s desperate to prove Sinead’s innocence, but will Sonny believe him? Meanwhile, it’s a hard day for the Roscoes as they celebrate what would’ve been Joe’s 30th.


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