Hollyoaks spoilers: Cameron is revealed to be the killer of Sam and Danny Lomax

E4 viewers saw the mystery solved as Cameron set fire to incriminating evidence

Cameron Campbell (Cameron Moore) has been revealed to be the hit-and-run driver responsible for the deaths of Danny and Sam Lomax.


First-look viewers to Tuesday’s episode of Hollyoaks on E4 saw Peri’s father throw his incriminating red cap into a burning brazier, thus confirming that he was the man to have caused the shock crash screened in August that saw actors Stephen Billington and Lizzie Roper leave the C4 soap.

Earlier in the instalment, the Lomax girls had been seen appealing at police press conference to help find the man who’d killed their parents. CCTV footage of the van was screened, while a hat similar to the one worn by the driver was presented to journalists. The girls had also given a threatening note signed by RedCapMan to police investigator Sonny Valentine (Aaron Valentine).

At the time of the crash, Sam and Danny were attempting to take Cameron’s daughter Peri away to begin a new life in another country, only for the smash to fatally curtail their plans.

C4 viewers can see the pivotal episode this evening at 6.30pm and you can watch a preview of the soap’s upcoming autumn highlights below.