Hollyoaks spoilers: are the Lomax girls being targeted by a killer? First look pictures

Tegan, Peri and Leela start to receives threatening messages in scenes to be shown next week

Tegan, Peri and Leela Lomax are to come under threat next week when they start to receive intimating messages – could it be the same person who killed their parents Sam and Danny?


In scenes to be shown next week, the Lomax girls will give a police press conference to help find the driver responsible for the deaths of their mum and dad. But when they receive a threatening letter through the door and an email from ‘RedCapMan’ telling them that he’s watching, it starts to look as though the guilty party could be someone they know.

“The girls have been constantly looking over their shoulder since their mum and dad died,” Jesscia Ellis, who plays Tegan, tells Inside Soap. “Sam and Danny’s killer is still on the loose and they have no idea who it is. As the girls are walking home from the press conference, they suddenly receive an ominous email. All it says is, ‘I’m watching you, I know what you’ve done – and I’m angry!'”


And with Peri also under the impression that she’s being followed, it seems the killer could be closer to home than they’d initially thought…