Hollyoaks’ Imran Adams teases huge revelation for Mitchell and secret twin Toby: “The country’s jaws will drop!”

The Deverauxs are in danger from the long-lost relative

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Hollyoaks’ Deveraux family have barely given newcomer Toby Faroe (Bobby Gordon) a second thought since him and wife Celeste (Andrea Ali) moved to the village last year, but viewers know he is the secret son Martine Deveraux (Kelle Bryan) gave away when he was a baby, making him Mitchell’s (Imran Adams) long-lost twin.


Sinister Toby is a ticking time bomb as he plots against the mother who rejected him and the brother she kept, and although medic Mitchell has no idea his sibling even exists it won’t stop a resentment-fuelled revenge being unleashed once the slow-burn secret is inevitably out – but Adams warns there is much more to come…

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“Secrets only me and Hollyoaks‘ producers know will be revealed,” he tells RadioTimes.com. “We will find out more about Toby’s background, why he’s back and that there is a plan. It’s a big puzzle and when it all gets explained the whole country’s jaws will drop!

“This storyline is very layered and so unique, it’s like a psychological thriller. And it’s far from over. It’s going to be intense and filled with drama for the Deverauxs.”

Flashes of rage Toby struggles to keep at bay have been glimpsed, creepily controlled by ice cool Celeste, but there’s the distinct feeling an blistering brawl is brewing between the brothers and lives could be in danger.

“You don’t know what lengths Toby will go to and everyone should be worried for Mitchell,” adds Adams. “Toby is broken and damaged, his wife tells him what to do with one little tap on the table! He resents the whole family but especially Mitchell who is leading the life he could’ve had.”

hollyoaks mitchell deveraux

The high-stakes, high-octane evil twin saga plays in parallel to Mitchell’s emotional coming out story, which has won the actor an army of fans leading to him being shortlisted in the public vote as Best Newcomer in this year’s National Television Awards, which take place on Tuesday 28th January. “I’m overwhelmed, humbled and grateful to know that a lot of people took time of their busy lives to vote for little old me!”

Next week’s episodes see Mitchell finally admit his true sexuality to mum Martine after what Adams describes as a “catastrophic event no one is expecting” pushes him to finally open up. “It’s raw and vulnerable for Mitchell and hopefully it will bring him and Martine closer.” But what about ex-lover Scott Drinkwell, who appears to have moved on with wedding planner Azim Desai?

You can vote free online at nationaltvawards.com or by phone on 0905 647 2020. Votes must be in by 12 pm on Tuesday 28th January.

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