Hollyoaks has released an action-packed new trailer previewing the biggest storylines ahead for 2019.


Next week's trial for abuser Buster Smith takes centre stage, with Ollie Morgan and Brody Hudson struggling to face their tormentor as they take the stand. Merry widow Mercedes McQueen is faced with a choice between bad boy Liam Donovan and good guy Sylver McQueen, while Sienna Blake accuses new colleague Laurie Shelby of sexual harassment. Here's a rundown of the key moments from the clip…

Trial drama
Brody promises Ollie they can send Buster down together if they stay strong, but Ollie is clearly scared and turns to Brooke Hathaway for support as their friendship blossoms into romance. Meanwhile, Imran Maalik reveals he might have evidence to prove that Buster is guilty - what has he been hiding?

Bad romance
Sylver's discovery he was adopted means him and 'kissing cousin' Mercedes are free to be a proper couple now it's official they're not related. But Mercy is spiralling into bad behaviour and embarks on a destructive dalliance with gangster Liam. Will she be tempted to the dark side, and can Sylver save her from herself?

Misery for Louis
Breda McQueen's Annie Wilkes act continues as she holds incapacitated Louis prisoner at the pig farm, but Mr Loveday is terrified when he finds her confession letter admitting she is the local serial killer. As he tries to escape, Simone arrives - will she save him and bust Breda? And who is the mysterious hooded figure following the nutty nanny?

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Sienna's sexual harassment
She's got her dream job as 'Miss Blake' teaching at Hollyoaks High, but Sienna is thrown into turmoil when deputy head Laurie Shelby's physical attention borders on the inappropriate. Liberty warns her confused sister that sexual harassment is a massive accusation to make, while Sinead blames her own insecurities for driving her predatory husband into the arms of another woman. Has slippery Laurie got both women where he wants them as he plays a psychological game?

Jonny manipulates Ste
Newcomer Jonny claims he is Ste Hay's long-lost brother, but Leela Lomax is suspicious of the 'secret sibling' and questions his motives. However, Jonny is hiding some big secrets, including his real name, and as he boosts Ste's confidence he is clearly manipulating him for his own ends, vowing there is "nothing we can't do together." How long before Ste realises Jonny is part of a far right extremist group and is trying to indoctrinate him?

Mandy and Darren's baby trauma
Time is running out for pregnant Mandy to decide whether she wants risky surgery on her unborn baby who doctors have confirmed will be born with spina bifida. She and Darren are at odds over the decision, and it looks like Mandy will go ahead with it without his consent. But will she reveal the baby might not be his, and that jailed husband Luke is probably the father?

Lily and Romeo find love
Star-crossed lovers Lily McQueen and Romeo Quinn grow closer after Prince abandoned his wife at Christmas. Lovestruck Romeo announces Lily is the only thing in his life worth living for and the couple kiss, but will Prince return to fight for his marriage? And who will end up heartbroken?


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