Hollyoaks’ Jamie Lomas teases arrival of a face from Warren’s past – and he’s a big fan of the actor…

"We'll find out why Warren is the way he is"

hollyoaks warren fox

Hollyoaks will explore the past of bad boy Warren Fox, who recently rejoined the soap as a regular, and returning star Jamie Lomas has confirmed the introduction of a new character who is set to shed light on the gangster’s troubled childhood.


“Someone from Warren’s past is coming in and is set to be around for a while,” the actor exclusively told RadioTimes.com. “They are going to be quite good mates. Warren was in care when he was a kid and the two of them grew up together in the same childrens’ home.

hollyoaks warren fox

“I can’t say too much about what happened there, but we will delve into the past and explore why Warren is the way he is. It’s very exciting, when they told me about it my juices really started flowing.”

Lomas, who has come and gone from the role numerous times since 2006, making brief cameos in July 2019 and May 2018 after quitting full-time in November 2017, also hinted Hollyoaks has secured a big name to play this intriguing character.

“There’s a really great guy coming in to do it,” he smiles. “I’m a big fan of his so I’m really looking forward to working with him and seeing where it goes.”

Before all that there’s the knotty issue of Warren double crossing ex-partner Sienna Blake as the health of young son Sebastian hangs in the balance following Foxy’s surprise visit to get his old flame’s bone marrow to save the tot who has leukaemia. Warren kidnapped Brody Hudson, Sienna’s current beau, as collateral but Ms Blake has learnt she cannot donate to her boy, despite being a match, as she has had chemotherapy in the past.

hollyoaks warren fox

Sly Sienna and wily Warren are now back in their familiar pattern of trying to score points on each other to get what they want – Lomas says it’s just like old times. “They are two people who should probably never be tougher as it’s not healthy,” he laughs. “Neither can trust the other and when you lose trust in a relationship you’re doomed.

“There will always be something between them as they’ve got two kids, but Warren cannot forgive Sienna for threatening to shop him to the police a few years ago and take him away from his kids.”

Fans have applauded the return of the swaggering villain, and Lomas admits he was missing the show when executive producer Bryan Kirkwood floated the idea of a comeback. “We went to dinner last year and had a chat, as it’s the 25th anniversary year we decided together it would be great if Warren was back. I was missing the people, and the character himself who is so infectious, I love playing him.

“The 25th is such a milestone so we thought there’s no better time for Warren to come home. Hollyoaks is in such an amazing place at the moment.”


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