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What happened between Warren Fox and Sienna Blake? Hollyoaks couples' horrible history explained

Murders, diseases - and a lot of baby snatching

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Published: Monday, 13th January 2020 at 6:30 pm

Hollyoaks has reunited power couple Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) and Sienna Blake (Anna Passey), with the returning alpha male showing up out of the blue desperate for his ex's help to save their sickly son Sebastian.


There's a lot of water under the bridge for these two, in fact there's a virtual tsunami of backstabbing, mind games and general skullduggery. If you're wondering why they keep shouting at each other, and how two of the soap's most volatile characters ever thought it was a good idea to get together in the first place, here are the edited highlights and lowlights of Hollyoaks' baddest romance…

2016: Burning passion

Gangster Foxy bonded with bonkers posh girl Ms Blake over mutual loss – his sister Katy and her dad Patrick – and started an unlikely relationship. Warren saved Sienna when she was trapped in a burning wooden fairground maze, but she couldn't forgive him for leaving her serial killer teenage daughter Nico to perish in the flames (or so we thought, more of her later). She attempted to seduce Warren's son Joel Dexter as revenge which ended the relationship. Until…

2017: Babies and bad news


The pair decided to try again when Sienna discovered she was pregnant with twins, kicking off a tumultuous year for the couple in which they double crossed each other numerous times:

Sienna was convinced Warren was plotting to get custody of the kids as soon as they were born and tried faking a miscarriage; Warren was so horrified at her deception he started an affair with Grace Black; Sienna was diagnosed with cervical cancer and refused treatment to protect her unborn children; she and Foxy got engaged but Grace stabbed Warren on the wedding day when he refused to leave Sienna; Grace teamed up with her love rival and helped her escape, only for Warren to abduct Sienna and hold her hostage in a remote cottage until she gave birth, intending to run off with the newborns when they arrived.

Sienna had lied to Warren a few months earlier she'd been the all-clear from cancer but was forced to admit she was still suffering, so her fella eventually took her to hospital where she gave birth to Sophie and Sebastian. In November 2017 Foxy got away with his tiny daughter, leaving a devastated Sienna behind battling through chemo and struggling with her loss. Support from Joel blossomed into a full-on affair.

2018: Back from the dead


Increasingly paranoid Joel was drifting back to his ex Cleo, unstable Sienna lied that Warren was harassing her from the shadows and that she's still got cancer, when in actual fact Warren had totally vanished and she was in remission by then. Joel eventually dumped Sienna when he learnt the lies she's told to stop him from leaving her, but in May Nico miraculously returns from the dead and stabs her mother – seemingly fatally.

When Nico tries to snatch Sebastian a few weeks later it's revealed Sienna faked her death to draw out her evil offspring - but during a rooftop showdown Warren reappears out of the blue and steals Sebastian, scarpering with both twins now cruelly ripped away from their mother.

Sienna secretly harboured pregnant Nico until she gave birth to a baby girl, then murdered her disturbed daughter in self-defence when she attacked her. This time, she was really, definitely dead.

2019: Big coincidence

HOLLYOAKS Warren Fox returns

Happy and settled with nice guy Brody Hudson, a more zen Sienna gets that crazy look in her eye again when she meets a childminder called Nina at Maxine and Damon's swanky wedding venue and becomes obsessed with the idea that 'Sean' and 'Ursula', the twins she is looking after, are actually Sophie and Sebastian.

Kidnapping the toddlers while Nina was bound and gagged in the laundry room, Sienna stopped herself at the last minute believing she was deluded – except she wasn't because viewers then saw Warren in a sneaky cameo appearance collect the twins and berate his nanny for the near-miss, while everyone thought Sienna had lost the plot again.

No wonder Sienna reacted the way she did at Warren's visit to the village – talk about unfinished business…


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