Darren and bad girl Juliet in Hollyoaks affair scandal

Obsessed schoolgirl delivers 'evidence' to Mandy of the fake fling


Hollyoaks‘ Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) is the object of an obsessive crush as mean girl teenager Juliet Quinn (Niamh Blackshaw) becomes infatuated with the restaurant owner and takes an incriminating selfie of them when he falls asleep on her sofa, then plans to lie they are having an affair.


Juliet, the troubled younger sister of James Nightingale’s long-lost son Romeo and daughter of villainous junkie prostitute Donna-Marie, has earned herself a reputation for trouble making among her Hollyoaks High classmates. Having fallen out with pals Ollie Morgan and Brooke Hathaway over a class poetry-writing project, Ollie’s kindly stepdad Darren has taken pity on Juliet and tried to make her feel better.

Brooke has noticed Juliet surreptitiously pocket the poem Darren wrote about Ollie and thinks her frenemy fancies the footie-loving lad, but secretly Ms Quinn has developed a crush on older man Darren…

On Wednesday 6 February’s E4 episode, Darren rows with Mandy over the the dilemma as to whether she should have risky surgery on her unborn baby to minimise the symptoms of neurological condition spina bifida, which doctors have confirmed the child will have, and Mr Osborne hits the bottle hard.


How does Darren end up in a compromising position with Juliet?

Dodgy Donna-Marie crosses paths with Darren when he’s drunk and vulnerable, and takes advantage when she sees a chance to cause trouble – and make some money. Darren ends up plastered and passed out on Juliet’s sofa, but the lovestruck teen seizes the chance to be close to him she sneakily takes a selfie of them together while he sleeps.

Darren is completely oblivious to the compromising position he has unwittingly ended up in, and doesn’t realise obsessed Juliet plans to show his partner Mandy Morgan (Sarah Jayne Dunn) the picture and lie she and him are having a scandalous fling. But when Juliet bonds with Mandy after finding her upset at the Bean she changes her mind about wanting her to see the picture – which she’s already slipped under Mandy’s door… Can Juliet get the photo before Mandy sees it?

Later in the week, Darren gives Juliet a diary as a belated 16th birthday present which only fuels her feelings for her friend’s dad even further. Will Juliet’s crush spiral out of hand and make it look as if Darren has taken advantage of a troubled teenage girl?


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