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Darren catches Nancy and Kyle having sex in surprise Hollyoaks hook-up!

Are the couple becoming friends with benefits?

Published: Tuesday, 22nd January 2019 at 8:25 am

The relationship between Hollyoaks' Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) and gay best friend Kyle Kelly (Adam Rickitt) takes an unexpected turn next week when the pair give into to a sudden lusty attraction and sleep together - only to be caught out by Nancy's ex-husband Darren (Ashley Taylor Dawson) and her kids Oscar and Charlie!


Since Darren left her for Mandy Morgan (Sarah Jayne Dunn), Nancy has found support in bringing up the kids from old schoolfriend Kyle. In their rebellious teenage goth days, the pair enjoyed a brief romance but when Kyle came back into Nancy's life a few years ago he revealed he was gay.

Admitting she's missing Darren, despite his bad behaviour, Nancy is encouraged by her plutonic pal to get back out on the singles' scene and he secretly puts a dating app on her phone. Reluctantly arranging a night out with a new man, Nance is mortified when the guy fails to show and Kyle feels guilty for getting her hopes up.


How will Darren react?

As he comforts her there is a distinct frisson of physical attraction, taking them both by complete surprise, but they give in to the moment and are caught semi-clad and canoodling on the sofa when Darren drops Charlie and Oscar home!

Mortified at being caught in the act by her ex, and the with kids already having had enough upheaval, how will Nancy explain this development to the family? And is it a one-off, or could Kyle actually be her ideal man, despite the odds - and he's been right under her nose all along…?

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Darren's reaction should make for interesting viewing, as he suspected Kyle was moving in on his ex-missus when they were still together before realising he was gay. What will he make of them hooking up now? Will there be a pang of jealousy?

Possibly not, as Mr Osborne has bigger things on his mind as him and Mandy receive news from the doctor at the end of the week about their unborn baby, who is confirmed as having the neurological condition spina bifida when they are born… What will the latest tests results show?


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