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Hollyoaks Christmas spoilers: Nana unites the locals but the future looks bleak (23 December 2019-3 January 2020)

New Year, new danger…

hollyoaks christmas 2019
Published: Sunday, 22nd December 2019 at 12:00 pm

Hollyoaks may have boldly made all the episodes from the festive fortnight available to stream from All4 as of Friday 20th December, but for those fans still content to scour the Radio Times Christmas double issue to find out how the soap has been messed around in the schedules this year, here's a whistle-stop guide to the next two weeks in the village. For the full, rather complicated, viewing guide click here.


Christmas Day sees Nana return from Spain to address the community, and her fractured family, with a rousing 'McQueens' speech', ending in a conga line spilling out of the pub. Cindy and Luke are still at odds, which makes it somewhat awkward when they're forced to have Christmas dinner together with Darren and Mandy, while Sienna could be heading for her annual seasonal meltdown thanks to a shock discovery - it wouldn't be Christmas without Miss Blake trashing her flat weeping about her missing kids, would it?

The big event over the fortnight is the much-anticipated 'flash forward' episode set on New Year's Eve, which offers a sneaky peek 12 months into the future.

While everyone makes resolutions at their various different parties (the teens, the parents and younger kids all have their own celebrations going on) and ushers in 2020, viewers are given a glimpse of New Year's Eve 2020 to whet the appetite in a series of cliffhangers that will literally take a year to resolve.

hollyoaks flash forward

The audacious device kicks off 2020's county lines storyline which sees the entire village infiltrated by drug dealers who will corrupt the vulnerable schoolkids and send them into a spiral of trafficking, violence and danger. Yes, even Mandy's cute little daughter Ella. There are particularly intriguing times ahead for Juliet and Charlie.

Elsewhere, serial killer Breda's luck is running out as we hurtle towards her downfall at the start of January. Don't expect her to be around in 12 months' time…


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