Abuser Pete will face justice, says Hollyoaks star Kai Owen

"People who are affected by this storyline need to have the courage to speak out," says the actor

Hollyoaks actor Kai Owen has promised that sexually abusive Pete Buchanan will get his comeuppance through the courts.


“The guy has to face the correct justice,” Owen told RadioTimes.com. “People who are affected by this storyline need to have the courage to speak out and to know that they will be believed. There have to be no more secrets. Then those like Pete will get true justice, all the way to a correct conviction.”

Over the past few months, viewers have seen Pete groom teenage stepdaughter Cleo McQueen and has also been revealed to have abused Cleo’s older sister Porsche when she was 15. Next week’s episodes will also see him turn his attention to newcomer Jade Albright.

Of what lies ahead for his character, Owen added: “I said to [executive producer] Bryan Kirkwood that I really wanted to tell this story. Just as long as it didn’t get bloody silly. If, all of a sudden, Pete got blown up in a car, it would make a mockery of everything. It wouldn’t be fair or right and I wouldn’t have enjoyed doing it.”

Owen’s words follow recent comments made by series producer Iain MacLeod to The Sun: “We’re building towards a big, week-long trial in the New Year, when Pete will get what’s coming to him. He definitely won’t meet his end by the Gloved Hand Killer. 

“We want Cleo to stand up and say what has happened to her in the ‘correct’ way – not setting his house on fire or burying him under a patio – and hope he gets his comeuppance through the proper legal channels.”


Speaking about the way fans have reacted to Pete’s actions on social media, Owen said: “They don’t like Pete. He makes them uncomfortable. But as long as they feel that way, then we’re doing our job. The character of Pete is certainly hitting home.”