7 Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Rhona and Pierce’s showdown as Kim gets attacked

Will Vanessa and Johnny be ok?

Emmerdale Rhona

With Pierce causing problems for Rhona and Kim getting involved in the middle of it all, there’s sure to be plenty of drama in the dales.


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Kim Tate investigates Pierce Harris

Emmerdale Kim
Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) is 99.9 per cent certain she knows who killed Graham Foster all those weeks back, but cautious Paddy is always keen to get the evidence before they go accusing anyone – probably for the best.
She stomps round to Kim Tate’s (Claire King) house and immediately drops the bombshell – it was Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather) who killed her boyfriend. Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) is keen to disparage her theory, mainly because he’d told Kim he did the dirty work, but nothing gets past eagle-eyed Mrs T and she demands he recounts the night of the killing. Of course, Al has to admit it wasn’t him at all and he’s in a fair bit of bother, to say the least.
The next day, Kim sets about investigating Pierce and old newspaper coverage of the rape trial and puts two-and-two together… solicitor Ollie was actually Pierce!

Charity worries about Vanessa

Emmerdale Charity
You’d think you’d realise sooner if your fiancée was missing, but it’s only just really dawned on Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins). Viewers know Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) and little Johnny have been kidnapped by evil Pierce and while it seems there’s no sign of escape, Charity stumbles on a big clue. Perhaps naively, Charity assumed Vanessa was in France with her boy, but when she spots her passport and boarding pass at Jacobs Fold, she’s panicked and sets about finding her. Will she find her in time?

Rhona gets a horrifying surprise from Pierce

Emmerdale Rhona
Vanessa worries she’s probably never going to be free from Pierce’s evil clutches – and with Charity thinking she’s gone off to France, it seems there’s no hope for her. After trying to escape his clutches, Vanessa has played all her cards. But, Pierce is desperate to be reunited with his former lover and gets Vanessa to pay Rhona call. Naturally, Rhona is devastated to see her rapist again, but bravely agrees to meet him again to save her friend. But as Pierce hints he is finished with Vanessa and Johnny, will he harm them?

Rhona and Pierce come face-to-face

Emmerdale Rhona and Pierce
Full of confidence that he has what he wants, Pierce tells Rhona to pack a bag so they can run away together. Doing as she’s told in Vanessa’s best interest, Rhona heads straight to get her things together before she gets a text from Pierce saying he’s at Mulberry – but while he’s close, she doesn’t know the half of it. She takes her phone with her, hoping to be able to use it to phone for help. But Pierce thinks of everything and makes her hand it over.
She immediately starts questioning him about what he wants, and why on earth he chose Vanessa and Johnny to kidnap. Pierce is keen to run away with Rhona, but she puts the brakes on suggests a bite to eat before they leave would be good. However, they are distracted by a thud from upstairs before Kim appears unexpectedly. Pierce whacks her over the head and she’s knocked unconscious – but is she dead?
Just to make sure she won’t escape, Pierce drags her into the bedroom and binds her hands – you never can be too careful. But with Rhona’s luck running out, how will she escape Pierce’s evil grip?

Elsewhere on Emmerdale…

Emmerdale Jai and Laurel
Moira and Cain are probably over for good now. Following the shooting of Nate, it seems there’s nowhere they can really go from here. But in better news for Harriet and Will, their gun situation has been taken care of thanks to Cain.
Mandy is devastated by the lack of money they were able to raise in the Free Marlon campaign, but cheeky Vinny has a cunning plan that could change their luck.
It’s a good week for Jai and Laurel, who put their differences aside and get back together.
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