It's judgement day in the village as Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) hopes to get justice over her attack, with Naomi Walters (Karene Peter) taking the stand in court. What will the outcome be? Well, Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) might ruin Naomi's chances of freedom!


Meanwhile, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) collect their loved ones' ashes, and April Windsor (Amelia Flanagan) is left hurt by Arthur Thomas (Alfie Clarke). Kim Tate (Claire King) also makes an offer to stepdaughter Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley) - will it all work out this time around?

Read on for all your Emmerdale spoilers from Monday 7th - Friday 11th November.

5 Emmerdale spoilers next week

1. Manpreet makes a big mistake

Manpreet and Nicola in Emmerdale
Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) makes a bad move. ITV

Manpreet ends up making an already tense situation much worse when she tries to manipulate Nicola into speaking favourably about Naomi in court. Whatever she says is clearly not taken well, as Manpreet is left worrying that their interaction could be the final nail in the coffin for Naomi's trial.

But why exactly did Manpreet decide to speak up? She may be on Team Naomi now, but Manpreet could be overcompensating for their rough start. How will the young woman react when she learns her dad's partner has intervened in such a disastrous way? Read on for all the news on the trial...

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2. Naomi takes the stand

Naomi in Emmerdale
Will Naomi (Karene Peter) be sent down? ITV

Naomi is blindsided when Saskia's barrister argues that the defendants were no longer friends with Naomi after an argument about money. This is used to suggest that Naomi felt ostracised from the gang, which is why she dragged Saskia and co into this mess. But Naomi's barrister fights back, running rings around poor Nicola on the stand and highlighting the lack of credible evidence against Naomi.

Nicola reels, knowing that her attackers may all walk free - and Naomi considers the possibility that she might end up going down for a crime she didn't commit. The next day, Naomi runs into a manipulative Saskia in the toilets, who implies that Naomi owes her money. Saskia threatens to drag her family into it if she doesn't change her story. But as the prosecution cross examines a composed Saskia, it's put to her that Naomi has no reason to implicate herself in a serious crime and she has no motive to lie.

When Naomi takes the stand, the defence barrister gives her a hard time and she erupts with distress, revealing Saskia's threats. Nicola isn't optimistic as the jury leave to consider their verdict, while Naomi is supported by brother Ethan (Emile John) and dad Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin). She's certain she's heading to jail, but is she right?

3. A sad day for Vinny and Chas

Vinny in Emmerdale
Vinny (Bradley Johnson) mourns Liv (Isobel Steele) after his devastating loss. ITV

As Chas announces that she's delivered mum Faith's (Sally Dexter) ashes off at the factory to be turned into a firework, the loss of Faith continues to be felt in the Dingle clan. Meanwhile, Vinny has been to collect late wife Liv's (Isobel Steele) ashes, too.

Sat with dog Chip, Vinny feels lost and depressed as he comes to terms with the fact that he will never see Liv again. Will Vinny ever be able to heal from the unbearable grief he's feeling? We're still not over the heartbreaking tragedy of it all ourselves, so we can surely expect Vinny's journey to run through to next year.

4. April feels rejected

Alfie Clarke as Arthur and Amelia Flanagan as April in Emmerdale.
April (Amelia Flanagan) is left upset with Arthur (Alfie Clarke). ITV

It was recently revealed that April has a crush on pal Arthur (Alfie Clarke) - something April's stepmum Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) let slip to Arthur's mum Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy). Arthur overheard and asked Laurel not to let on that he knew, but next week, Cathy Hope's (Gabrielle Dowling) plan to get April and Arthur together totally backfires.

As Arthur bolts from the café to do his homework, April is left feeling hurt. But will she realise that he knows about her not so secret feelings for him? Can these two go back to being friends, or might Arthur eventually start to feel the same way about April?

5. Kim cements her new family

Will, Kim, Dawn and Billy in Emmerdale
Dawn (Olivia Bromley) and Billy (Jay Kontzle) are pleased. ITV

After the turmoil of the last few weeks, Kim is happy to have her family back together again. If you ask us, she's mellowed, and new husband Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) deserved to be left to stew for far longer than she gave him after he accused her of murdering Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton). Although, Kim does have form!

In new scenes, Kim offers Will's daughter Dawn and her husband Billy (Jay Kontzle) free lodgings, and is thrilled when they happily accept. Will the blended family be able to keep the peace this time around?

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