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Emmerdale spoilers for next week: Cain and Billy arrested? Plus, Andrea plays games

Will also takes a beating in another dramatic week in the 'Dales.

Published: Saturday, 2nd May 2020 at 6:45 am

There's more drama from the 'Dales this week as Malone makes his play to put an end to Cain Dingle, and Andrea takes great pleasure in playing games with Jamie and Belle.


Here’s your spoilers for Emmerdale between Monday 4th and Friday 8th May.

End of the line for Cain and Billy?

Emmerdale spoilers

As the drugs are loaded into Cain Dingle’s (Jeff Hordley) car, he refuses to take payment for the courier job. Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) however is on high alert and not feeling comfortable with what they are doing. Meanwhile, a horrified Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) has realised that Detective Malone (Mark Womack) is planning on arresting his friends himself and attempts to warn them.

As Cain and Billy are driving down country roads, they are concerned when they see a police car trying to pull them over. It doesn’t take them long to realise that it is Malone behind the wheel, and they quickly figure out that he is there to arrest them. Is this bold move by Malone going to be the one that sends Cain and Billy to jail?

Will is in a bad way

will beaten emmerdale

Will was suspicious of the latest job that Malone sent him on when he was told he was going on his own, and even more so when he saw the size of the drug shipment that he was being made to transport. But when he knew Cain and Billy were in danger, he didn’t hesitate to try and warn them that Malone was coming for them. The next morning, concern begins to grow for him when he hasn’t returned home. He eventually does, but Will has been beaten to a pulp and collapses on the floor. He is taken to hospital and Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) is left needing answers as to what happened to him. But will she find them?

Andrea starts playing games

emmerdale andrea

Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) and Belle Dingle's (Eden Taylor-Draper) affair has been discovered by his wife, Andrea (Anna Nightingale) after she witnessed the two of them sharing an intimate moment- only they don’t realise it yet.

This gives Andrea an upper hand that she has no qualms about using and this week we start to see her turn the screws and cause trouble for the pair. Spotting them having a drink, she joins the pair and begins to talk holiday plans. She wants her and Jamie to head off somewhere nice together but for Belle, she immediately starts to fret about the man she loves going away.

Later, Jamie assures Belle that he won’t go and that he knows that he can talk Andrea out of it, But with Andrea enjoying the anguish her holiday proposal has caused, it doesn’t seem likely that she will be backing down on this one any time soon. How long will it be before Jamie and Belle realise that Andrea knows everything?

Arthur and Archie’s feud worsens

Emmerdale spoilers

Archie Breckle (Kai Assi) and Arthur Thomas (Alfie Clarke) have not been seeing eye to eye for some time and this week, their long-running argument takes a turn for the worse that could have dire consequences. While camping for Rishi Sharma’s (Bhasker Patel) birthday, a game of rounders causes Arthur to grow frustrated when Alfie is placed on his mother, Laurel’s (Charlotte Bellamy) team.

Already feeling a bit isolated from her, this only fuels his anger and when the two boys are left in charge of lighting the campfire, their argument leads to trouble and someone could be about to pay the price.

Elsewhere on Emmerdale...

Emmerdale spoilers
  • Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) is struggling with his rehabilitation and makes it clear to daughter Amelia that he doesn’t want any help. But a tumble from his wheelchair looks like it could set him back further.
  • Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) continues to struggle with his anxiety this week and even goes as far as to shout at baby Eve in a moment of frustration. Will Paddy get the help he needs?

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