Detective Inspector Malone (Mark Womack) is not a man to be messed with on Emmerdale and he's been proving time and time again that he can be a truly nasty piece of work.


Will Taylor (Dean Taylor) has found himself caught up in his world and has been regularly breaking the law at his request.

He has been regretting that decision of late, but he's about to get a brutal reality check about the type of world he has entered - and it may take him a while to recover.

The drama starts after Will is sent out to pick up a drug shipment alone. Only this isn't just a regular quantity, its's a huge supply and certainly bigger than anything Will has had to ferry so far.

He also realises that Malone has set up both Cain and Billy as decoys so that he can make it back, putting them both in line to be arrested.

With Cain hellbent on ridding them all of the problems Malone has heaped upon them, it's been a real power play of late with this just the latest move the dodgy detective has made.

Whilst Will frantically tries to warn Cain and Billy what they are facing, Malone is hot on the heels of them and they both spot the police car behind them - now realising that this is a setup and he is planning to arrest them both.

will beaten emmerdale

It remains to be seen whether Malone's plan works. As for Will though, his problems are far from over and Harriet begins to get anxious when he doesn't return home.

Eventually, he does, but he's in a bad way. Stumbling through the door and collapsing, Harriet and Dawn are horrified to see that he is covered in blood and bruises.

Has Malone taken his anger out on Will for warning Cain and Billy? And will he put Harriet in danger by telling her what he has gotten himself into?


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