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"Rhona sacrifices herself to save Vanessa from Pierce" Emmerdale star teases showdown

Zoe Henry on Rhona facing her evil ex

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Published: Monday, 24th February 2020 at 5:00 pm

Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) finally faces her evil ex Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather) in a dramatic Emmerdale showdown that puts several villagers' lives in danger, with the brave vet risking her own safety to rescue best mate Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) from being her horrid husband's hostage.


"Rhona is initially confused when Vanessa video calls her," reveals Henry. "She looks dreadful, then she hands the phone and there is Pierce's face! Rhona can't believe it. She already suspected Pierce was around somewhere, but didn't think in her wildest dreams he'd kidnap Vanessa and her young son Johnny."

Monday 24th February's exciting Emmerdale cliffhanger leaves Rhona, and viewers, shaken as Pierce demands during his freaky phone call that Rhona meet him the next day and insists she doesn't involve the police - or else 'Ness will pay the price…

"Pierce explains to Rhona he's been hiding in Mulberry Cottage where he's keeping Vanessa, and Rhona knows she has to go there and meet with him," continues Henry.

"The only way Vanessa and Johnny are going to survive is if Rhona shows up and sacrifices herself…"

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And so the scene is set for Tuesday 25th February's hour-long episode in which Rhona, desperate to save her friend, is ordered to Mulberry with a packed bag so she and Pierce can flee the village together - as part of the rapist's twisted plan for them to reunite and start afresh. Unsurprisingly, as Henry says, Rhona is not on board.

"When Pierce went to prison a few years ago it felt so final and complete in the storytelling. I did toy with the idea of how someone like Pierce might be redeemed, but when somebody has done something as awful as he did, you can't."

Added into the mix is Kim Tate, who now knows it was Pierce and not her hitman Al Chapman that bumped off Graham Foster. The homicidal Mr Harris has been posing as a solicitor as part of his rotten revenge plot, but the Queen of Home Farm wants answers having realised she's been duped and walks straight into Pierce and Rhona's confrontation in the cottage.

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Pierce knocks Kim unconscious and ties her up in the bedroom, but Emmerdale are staying tight-lipped about the outcome of the fracas and who makes it out alive. It's been confirmed Vanessa is to face a brave battle with cancer following her recent shock diagnosis, but we know Wrather is only back for a short time as Pierce. Does this mean this week's explosive episodes form his exit? And what about Rhona and Kim's fates?


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