Pierce confesses to killing Graham in Emmerdale – is Vanessa next?

The murderer is holding her hostage

emmerdale pierce harris vanessa woodfield

The truth about Graham Foster’s murder is now out in the open after Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather) confessed to the crime – but the person he told is being held hostage and fearing for their life, and could well become his next victim.


Emmerdale‘s dramatic double bill on Thursday 13th February saw creepy Pierce emerge from the shadows and make his move, kidnapping Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) and young son Johnny when they spotted him, then holding both against their will at Mulberry Cottage, currently empty with Laurel Thomas and family in Australia for Sandy Thomas’s funeral.

Vexed vet Vanessa, tied up and terrified, was aghast to hear best friend Rhona Goskirk’s rapist husband believes he can win back his ex. Locking Johnny upstairs and taking Vanessa’s phone, poisonous Pierce insisted he’d let his quarry free once he’d seen Rhona and they’d gone off into the sunset together.

Distressed by his delusion, Vanessa warned people would be looking for her and his wicked plan would be foiled. Unfortunately, fiancée Charity Dingle thinks her other half has stropped off to Disneyland Paris with Johnny on what should’ve been their honeymoon, following their fallout over Charity stealing Graham’s money, so is unlikely to be sending out any search parties.

emmerdale pierce harris vanessa woodfield

Pierce also delivered the bombshell that he had killed Graham in a twisted bid to protect Rhona from the man he dismissed as a “thug,” and not worthy of her love. Now Vanessa knows the truth about Mr Foster’s demise, it puts her in even more danger as Pierce will have to ensure her silence if he does release her…

“Just seeing Pierce was a big shock, now she’s trapped in a house with him and Johnny is upstairs so she can’t see her son,” says Hardwick. “It’s a horrific situation as she knows what Pierce is capable of. Vanessa was the first one to see through him all those years ago, and is scared of what he might do to her in revenge…”

Pierce spiralled from calm and calculated as he spoke of “Talking Rhona round,” and “Putting things right,” to becoming more manic by the end of the episode as he started to lose the plot somewhat. What has he got planned for his prisoner? Will anyone hear her screams?


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