There was good news in Emmerdale tonight (2nd March), as young Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn) found out that the murder case against him had been dropped.


Last year, after finding the other man fighting with his dad Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), Kyle accidentally shot and killed Al Chapman (Michael Wildman). Cain initially took the blame, but a tormented Kyle eventually confessed, despite mum Amy Wyatt's (Natalie Ann Jamieson) attempts to protect him.

Tonight, Amy remained terrified as Kyle's hearing drew closer - but she was still determined to fight for custody of her son.

Her boyfriend Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) couldn't help but question whether this was the right course of action for Kyle. Matty knew how much his mum - Kyle's stepmother Moira (Natalie J Robb) - also loves Kyle, and pointed out that one way or another, both women may lose a son.

Amy argued that love meant doing whatever possible to protect the best interests of your child, and she refused to back down. But as the family prepared for Kyle's day in court, the boy explained how worried he was about what might happen.

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Meanwhile, still unable to see Kyle due to the legal rules in place, Cain intended to attend court even if he couldn't actually be in the room. As Caleb Miligan (William Ash) distracted Kyle with a game and discussed the potential outcome of the case with Matty and Amy, Cain arrived, desperate for a moment with his son.

Caleb urged Amy to see that both Kyle and Cain needed each other, so she relented. Cain then gently supported Kyle and told him to tell the truth at his hearing - but as everyone made to leave, Caleb called a halt as he received a call from his solicitor, who he had hired to take the case.

Caleb took an important call in Emmerdale. ITV

The solicitor asked everyone to stay put, so Cain called Moira, who made her way over to the cottage. When the lawyer arrived, he revealed that he had been informed that Kyle's case was about to be dropped, and so he was able to stay in the village after all.

Amy, Cain and Moira were relieved; but as the group headed out to celebrate, Matty quietly asked Amy whether she was going ahead with her plans. He reminded her that her history may not paint the best picture, and that Cain and Moira's now solid marriage may swing the custody battle in their favour.

Amy wouldn't be deterred - but how will Cain react?

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