It's been over six months since the death of Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk's baby daughter Grace in Emmerdale.


Grace had a fatal medical condition and died in Chas's arms just hours after being born.

For a while Chas and Paddy didn't think they'd ever have a child of their own... until Chas unexpectedly discovered she was pregnant again.

On the ITV soap on Monday 27th May, the couple are nervous as the date of their 20-week scan approaches and Paddy secretly cancels the hospital appointment without telling Chas...

Chas is not happy when she finds out what her fella has done, but after an emotional heart-to-heart, the couple decide to face their fears and go for the scan on Tuesday 28th May.

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At the hospital, Chas and Paddy are nervous that history will repeat itself and something could be wrong with their baby.

But after what seems like a lifetime, there is good news when the scan shows the baby is perfectly healthy.

The Dingles are super-excited to share Chas and Paddy's happy news.

So are the couple expecting a boy or a girl?

That's something they decide to keep a secret for now. Spoil sports!


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