Leyla, Tracy and Priya arrested in Emmerdale

Could they go to prison for attacking treacherous teacher Maya?


There was a shock triple arrest in Emmerdale on Tuesday night, when Leyla Harding (played by Roxy Shahidi), Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) and Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade) were arrested for their attack on disgraced teacher Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein).


In the second half of an Emmerdale double-bill shown on ITV on Tuesday 21st May, it looked like Maya would finally be brought to justice after she was arrested and taken away in handcuffs for questioning by the police about her inappropriate relationship with teenager Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant).

Emmerdale, Maya Stepney, Jacob Gallagher
As his 16th birthday approached, Jacob made plans to sleep with his school teacher Maya (Picture: ITV)

However, to take the heat off herself, manipulative Maya played the victim and turned the tables by dropping Jacob’s mum Leyla and her friends Tracy and Priya in it and revealing how the ladies recently drove her out into the woods and attacked her.

But Maya forgot to mention their motive: the women had just discovered that Maya had been cheating on boyfriend David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) and secretly preying on his schoolboy son Jacob for months, with the pair beginning a sexual relationship soon after his 16th birthday…

“Maya can twist anything to her advantage,” worried Priya, shortly before DC Terry (Emma Keele) and DC Wise (Neil Roberts) arrived in the village to arrest her, Tracy and Leyla on suspicion of assault and kidnap.

With Jacob still furious that his dad David had reported Maya to the police and refusing to give a statement against his older lover, is there a terrible possibility that Maya will get away with her crime… and Leyla, Tracy and Priya will end up behind bars instead?


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