This article contains discussions of rape and sexual assault that some readers may find upsetting.


Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) urged brother Sam (James Hooton) to use the Dingle law against rapist Craig Reed (Ben Addis) in tonight's Emmerdale (18th October).

Sam is struggling to come to terms with the knowledge that his wife Lydia (Karen Blick) was raped by Craig. Lydia cannot bear to be touched, and though Sam understands why, he can't help feeling hurt and heartbroken.

Craig was taken in by the police but later bailed, and the fact that there's no evidence left from the attack makes it sadly unlikely that he will be charged and tried in court.

Seeking support from fellow survivor Rhona Goskirk (Zoë Henry), Lydia visited a Rape Crisis centre, and despite everyone in the village knowing about her ordeal thanks to stepson Samson (Sam Hall), she was feeling more positive.

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Sister-in-law Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) offered to join her for a walk, and Caleb Milligan (William Ash) approached Lydia to offer support if needed. Lydia confided in Belle that she knew the troubling effect all this was having on her marriage.

Meanwhile, Sam gave Samson a piece of his mind for spreading the news about Lydia. Samson suggested that the situation was Sam's fault, and Sam tried to distract himself by heading to work at Home Farm. But Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) stopped Sam, telling him to sit down with a drink.

Emmerdale's Lydia Dingle sitting looking scared
Emmerdale's Lydia Dingle. ITV

After Sam broke down in tears, Will secretly texted Cain, and when Cain arrived, Will gave the pair some space to talk. Cain felt terrible that Sam had been suffering, and vowed to be there for him.

Sam admitted that he felt guilty for not seeing through Craig, but Cain insisted that he couldn't carry on with that mindset. But as Sam raged about not taking action, Cain offered a solution - they could teach Craig a lesson, the Dingle way.

All Sam had to do was say the word, and Cain would do the job. But, knowing how Lydia would feel if she found out, will Sam decide to take revenge on Craig?

Anyone affected by Lydia's story can find support by visiting Rape Crisis, or calling the 24/7 Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Line on 0808 500 2222.

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