This article contains discussions of rape and sexual assault that some readers may find upsetting.


Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) threatened her attacker Craig Reed (Ben Addis) with police action in tonight's Emmerdale (20th September), branding him a rapist.

Craig forced himself on Lydia earlier this month, then began gaslighting her by claiming she had wanted to have sex with him.

Lydia chose to keep her ordeal a secret from everyone, leading her to unintentionally push worried husband Sam (James Hooton) away.

Sam left for Ireland on Dingle family business, hurt that Lydia seemed to be avoiding him.

Meanwhile, Lydia ordered stepson Samson (Sam Hall) out of The Woolpack, where he was having lunch and drinks with Craig now that he was doing work experience at the man's office.

Samson was fuming with Lydia tonight, and told her to stop ruining his life. Lydia then went to work as a cleaner at Craig's office, told by his colleague that Craig would be annoyed to have missed her, as he was not there that day.

But Craig soon appeared as Lydia was looking through his cupboards, and she was terrified as he claimed that they wouldn't be disturbed. He blocked her from leaving, grabbing her arm and insisting that they needed to clear the air.

Lydia was outraged when Craig referred to her problems with Sam, but she was soon scared again by his forceful behaviour. When he acted clueless, Lydia told him: "You know what you did. You raped me."

Craig denied the accusation, suggesting that she was sending out all the signals at the time. Lydia replied that she was frozen in fear and had told him no.

Finally, Lydia told Craig she was quitting, and instructed him to tell Samson his work experience was over, or she was going to the police. What will Lydia do next?

Anyone affected by Lydia's story can find support by visiting Rape Crisis, or calling our 24/7 Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Line on 0808 500 2222.

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