Keanu KIDNAPPED in EastEnders! Has Phil found out about Sharon’s affair?

The muscly mechanic is tied up in a warehouse…


EastEnders‘ Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) finds himself in a terrifying situation on Thursday 20th June when he wakes up to find himself blindfolded and tied to a chair in the middle of a deserted warehouse – has Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) discovered the man who is the father of his daughter Louise Mitchell’s (Tilly Keeper) baby also had a fling with his pregnant wife Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean)?


News of Sharon’s shock pregnancy spreads around Walford on Monday 17th June when mum-to-be Lou blurts out to her boyfriend that her stepmother is with child, despite her parents request she keep it quiet.

On Tuesday 18th June, Stunned Keanu secretly confronts his cougar lover ex with his suspicions that the child is his – the timing makes sense, considering their recent hook-up in the aftermath of the Taylor toy boy thinking Louise had terminated her pregnancy. Shazza shuts down his claims and insists Phil is the daddy, but Keanu can’t take the deceit any more and wants them to come clean to their respective partners about the affair that kicked off last summer.

Realising Keanu plans to reveal all to Lou over lunch, Sharon rushes to stop him blabbing, but encounters Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) en route who demands to know what Phil’s missus wants with her son.


Does Keanu tell Louise and Phil about the truth?

Reeling after learning Sharon is pregnant with what could be her grandchild, Karen lays into Mrs Mitchell, who she has already warned about messing with her boy’s emotions.

But a mouthful from gobby Kaz is the least of Sharon’s worries when she later gets home to find Phil, Louise and Keanu all waiting for her – has he told them everything?


In the next episode, Keanu wakes up in the aforementioned warehouse and fears Phil is behind it. So is soap’s most scandalous secret finally out? Is this Phil’s revenge? Or has Louise channelled her inner-Mitchell dark side and organised for her man to be tortured? Or could there be another explanation?

Fans caught a glimpse of Keanu’s ordeal in the recent summer 2019 trailer, which also showed a fraught-looking Lou at her first scan with her baby daddy at her side. Is there something wrong with the child? Get ready for a dramatic week as the Keanu/Louise/Sharon love triangle takes some almighty twists…


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