This article contains discussions of pregnancy loss which some readers may find distressing.


Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) appeared to part ways for good in tonight's EastEnders (Thursday 16th March), after a heated exchange over their late baby daughter Peach.

Whitney's grief for Peach, who had Edwards' syndrome, has left a heartbroken Zack feeling sidelined as those around them dismiss his own feelings of bereavement. The situation escalated after Whit was forced to return to work on her market stall far too soon, due to a shocking lack of legal rights for compassionate leave.

Whitney tried to stay strong when she received a call telling her that Peach's ashes were ready to collect, but when Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) thoughtlessly handed Whitney a leaflet for The Vic's upcoming Mother's Day lunch, she broke down.

Tonight, Zack broached the subject of doing something special to honour their baby, but Whitney avoided the conversation. However, the pair did agree to go and collect Peach's ashes together – until Whit was distracted when her pregnant niece Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) was hit by a football. Lily didn't want to worry her stressed mum Stacey (Lacey Turner), so Whitney insisted on taking her for a check up at the hospital, telling a stunned Zack he would have to collect the ashes alone.

Back at home, Whitney relayed to Freddie, who was partly responsible for the drama, that Lily was OK but needed to rest. Freddie apologised, adding that he was also sorry for the flyer he had insensitively given to Whit. As Stacey arrived, upset that she hadn't been told what was going on, Whitney went overboard in warning Lily to be very careful as she mustn't risk the safety of her baby.

Whit was so over the top, though, that Lily snapped, saying that just because Whitney's baby had died didn't mean that hers would. The horrible comment shocked Stacey and Lily was quick to apologise, but Whit rushed away.

Zack found her in tears outside and he tried to explain that he knew how she felt, but she lashed out, saying he had no idea as she was the one to carry their baby until she passed away. Zack attempted to reach out once more, saying he was grieving too, but Whitney cruelly reminded him that he hadn't even wanted Peach at first and accused him of being glad over the tragic outcome.

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Seeing that they were getting nowhere, Zack flippantly agreed and told her that perhaps it was for the best that they were no longer connected. Whitney told him that she would see him around, but is this really the end for the pair?

You can read more about Edwards' syndrome on the NHS website. If you have been affected by the issues raised in this article, you can visit SOFT UK and Antenatal Results and Choices for help and support.

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