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6 EastEnders spoilers for next week: Whitney's disappearance causes concern, plus Bobby collapses

And Lola has a confession to make

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Published: Saturday, 25th April 2020 at 7:00 am

Once again, EastEnders lines up a horrible time for poor Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) as she gets kidnapped by Michaela.


And Lola has a confessional to Callum which could spell the end for her relationship with Jay.

Here's your spoilers for EastEnders between Monday 27th April and Friday 1st May.

Where is Whitney?

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Viewers know that Whitney hasn't done a runner and left all her friends behind with the real reason being far more sinister - Leo's mother, Michaela is to blame. But all her friends and family on the Square have no idea that she has been taken against her will and the discovery of a letter left behind from when she was planning an escape leads everyone's thoughts down the wrong path. For Gray, who has taken on the task of representing her in court, thinking his client has fled is a real blow and matters are made worse when his boss Laura arrives and is keen on meeting the woman in question. Meanwhile, Chantelle finds herself locked in at work with Kheerat. How will an already stressed Gray react to her being alone with another man?

Lola confesses to Callum

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Lola has been hiding a sordid secret for a while now. Whilst she and boyfriend Jay were going through problems, she slept with someone else behind his back - Peter Beale. This week, whilst she and Jay help Callum as he prepares for his assessment with the police, the guilt starts to eat away at her and she finds that she simply has to talk to someone about it. And so at that moment, she chooses Callum to be her confidante and he is shocked to hear what she did. But will that be a decision she could end up regretting? With Callum being friends with both of them, he may force her to tell Jay before he does it for her. Could Jay be about to learn the truth?

What's wrong with Bobby?

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There is drama for Bobby this week when his feelings for Dotty lead to a potential medical emergency. Kathy, much to the annoyance of Ian, persuades Bobby to spend more time with her and he makes plans to go to the club night and do just that. Peter, however, gets wind that he has feelings for Dotty and immediately sets about knocking his confidence. Later at the club, Bobby's attempts to buy laughing gas from Dotty doesn't go to plan when she shuts him down, and when he goes to buy her a drink he is dismayed to see that Peter has beaten him to it. Bobby then heads off with one of Dotty's customers and just as Dotty and Peter are about to kiss, Bobby ends up collapsing. Will he be OK?

Will Isaac learn the truth?

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Isaac could be about to learn the truth about Patrick this week when Sheree is put in an uncomfortable situation. On her birthday, Patrick pulls out all the stops and pays for them to have a holiday to Trinidad. Isaac gives her a family photo that gives her pause for thought. Meanwhile, Isaac and Patrick are finally starting to bond and Patrick ends up alluding to the fact he is his father, leaving Isaac suspicious. He confides in Denise that he knows both Patrick and his mother are hiding something, but he isn't sure what. Denise agrees to look into it for him but Isaac can't wait any longer. He gets home and makes it clear to Sheree that he wants the truth. Will the secret finally be revealed?

Elsewhere on EastEnders

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  • With Sharon having left the square to visit Michelle in Australia, Phil is left behind to deal with everything that has happened of late.
  • While Linda has been on the road to recovery lately, she has an obstacle this week when she declares that she doesn't want to go to her support group with Phil there. Can Mick and Shirley talk her around? And what does this mean for Phil's plan to buy The Vic?

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