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EastEnders' Whitney Dean kidnapped at knifepoint - will she live?

An already bad year takes another turn for the worst for Whitney in EastEnders

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Published: Tuesday, 21st April 2020 at 8:00 pm

Whitney (or many of us for that matter) probably won't look back on 2020 with fond memories.


Following her arrest for Leo's murder on EastEnders, the best bit of news she has had in some time was being released on bail but with the likelihood of prison still weighing heavily on her and Leo's mother, Michaela, showing up to add to her problems, she is very much a woman on the edge right now.

Tonight, many were initially wondering whether the pressure had finally got to her.

The episode began with Max getting wind that she was considering fleeing the Square, admitting that she simply didn't know what she was supposed to do with herself.

Later, she had a lovely moment with Tiffany where she passed on her necklace - another indicator that she was beginning to do the rounds with her goodbyes.

Then that evening at the Vic, where Whitney had organised drinks with everyone, she was given help from Max to leave but seemed to indicate that she wasn't going anywhere when it dawned on her how many people on the Square are there for her.

This, coming off the back of Micheala being arrested gave her a spring in her step that hadn't been seen for some time... but things took a dark turn later that night.

Throwing away her goodbye letters at home and confirming that she plans to stay, she stepped back outside and Micheala appeared behind her, holding a knife to her throat and insisting that she was not to make a sound.

With letters bound to be discovered that state her plans to flee, will anyone even know that she was taken away against her will? And will she live to tell the tale?

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Elsewhere in tonight's episode, Tiffany and Keegan agreed to move back home, but there was clearly still tension between Keegan and Jack over his arrest.

The two had a tense exchange in the Vic with Keegan once again protesting his innocence. Will the damaged bodycam footage be salvaged and his name cleared?

Speaking of the Vic, the sale got one step closer to happening when Shirley told Mick and Linda that Phil was ready to buy it. Are we about to see the pub back in Mitchell hands? And how long will Sharon be gone for following her departure to see Michelle in Australia?


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