A familiar face is back in Walford next week, and one character unhappy to see Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit) is Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden). Will he block her from seeing her granddaughter Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown)?


Elsewhere, Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) finds her relationship with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) on the rocks, amid bringing their nuptials forward. But as Kat discovers ex Alfie Moon's (Shane Richie) cancer scare, will she drift further from Phil?

Meanwhile, Denise Fox (Diane Parish) intends to ruin Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara), Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) is left reeling and Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) fumes over Lisa Fowler's (Lucy Benjamin) latest move.

Finally, Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) are taking a big step on the road to their dream future.

Read on for all your EastEnders spoilers from 11th - 14th September 2023.

6 EastEnders spoilers next week

1. Ben takes action as Emma demands to see Lexi

Max Bowden as Ben Mitchell and Jamie Borthwick as Jay Brown in EastEnders.
Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) and Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) in EastEnders BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) worries when stepdaughter Lexi is cagey with her phone, and he discovers that she's been texting nan Emma, who is back in Walford after making a brief appearance at late daughter Lola's (Danielle Harold) funeral.

Emma reveals that Lexi has been messaging her for weeks, and she's really worried about her. Jay throws Emma out; but Lexi's other stepfather, Ben's husband Callum Highway (Tony Clay), pleads with Jay to listen for Lexi's sake. Emma asks for another sit-down the following day, but when Ben hears about Emma, he hits the roof!

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Ben bans Emma from seeing Lexi, but his mum Kathy Cotton (Gillian Taylforth) advises Jay to put Lexi's feelings first, as she loves her other grandma. Jay is heartbroken when Emma shows him Lexi's anguished messages, sent because Lexi didn't want to upset her dads.

Jay promises to speak to Ben about letting Emma see Lexi, and Emma continues to push for access. Jay reluctantly allows it, and Emma has an emotional chat with Lexi and promises never to leave her again.

Ben, however, soon destroys these hopes. Will Ben reconsider, or is he right to be wary after Emma's behaviour when Lola was so ill?

2. Kat and Phil's wedding rush amid Alfie's health crisis

Steve McFadden as Phil Mitchell and Jessie Walalce as Kat Slater in EastEnders.
Steve McFadden as Phil Mitchell and Jessie Wallace as Kat Slater in EastEnders. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

When Alfie admits that their son Tommy (Sonny Kendall) lashed out at him, and that he and Phil have been dealing with it without her by taking him to the Boxing Den, Kat is angry. Kat confronts Phil, but he accidentally shares Alfie's cancer scare news.

Kat is horrified to hear that Alfie should be getting prostate cancer results that same day, and she drops everything to be with her ex at the hospital. Later, Kat and Phil have a blazing row over his deception, and she freezes him out when he tries to make amends.

Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) gives Phil a pep talk, and he heads to the cab office with chocolates for Kat, but this gesture fails. Phil is in a state as he storms over to Peggy's to be alone; while at The Vic, Sharon talks sense into Kat, who goes looking for Phil.

But Phil is busy dealing with Emma, who has barged into the bar for a drink! He soon sheepishly returns home to Kat, who is furious he stayed out all night. Over lunch, Phil promises to be honest from now on, but when a coy Emma passes by, Phil rushes off.

When Alfie lets the boys down, Kat makes a spur of the moment decision and books the registry office, which has a cancellation for next week for her to marry Phil! Kat later announces that she and Phil will wed in the coming days, but is she in denial over old feelings for Alfie? And what has Phil been up to?

For those affected by Alfie's storyline and looking for someone to talk to, details of help and support are available at bbc.co.uk/actionline, or you can all for free, at any time to hear recorded information on 08000 560 190

For more information on prostate cancer please visit Prostate Cancer UK: https://prostatecanceruk.org/ and Macmillan Cancer Support: https://www.macmillan.org.uk/cancer-information-and-support/prostate-cancer

3. Denise vows to destroy Ravi

Diane Parish as Denise Fox, Juhaim Rasul Choudhury as Nugget Gulati, and Shiv Jalota as Vinny Panesar in EastEnders.
Denise searches for evidence on Ravi BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Denise invites downbeat daughter Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams) to move in with her and husband Jack Branning (Scott Maslen). But Ravi arrives, and instead suggests that he and son Nugget (Juhaim Rasul Choudhury) could move in with her! Chelsea isn't sure, but Ravi is determined to take the next step.

Chelsea tells Whitney that she's not sure she's ready to move in with her beau, but Whit encourages her to take a leap of faith. Denise is horrified when Chelsea and Ravi announce they are moving in together, and Denise warns Ravi that Chelsea will see through him.

Chelsea, meanwhile, tries to restore peace by inviting her and Ravi's families to drinks, and Jack advises Denise to support Chelsea and keep enemy Ravi close. But when Denise hears Gina (Francesca Henry) and Anna Knight (Molly Rainford) rowing about Ravi's drug dealing, Denise is desperate to go to the police.

Jack urges her to be cautious, and they head off for the drinks party. Things are tense, and a row breaks out. Chelsea throws accusations at Denise, who storms out with Ravi's laptop secretly in her possession. What will she find on there?

4. Stacey receives a new shock

Lacey Turner as Stacey Slater and Lillia Turner as Lily Slater in EastEnders.
Stacey is in for another shock BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

The Slaters are exhausted after a sleepless night courtesy of baby Charli. Stacey is taking charge, but Lily (Lillia Turner) convinces her and Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) to go to work and let her take care of her baby.

Stacey reluctantly agrees, but when new teen parents Lily and Ricky Branning (Frankie Day) go out, Jack is horrified to find them clowning about with baby Charli. Jack marches over to Stacey and throws accusations around. A mortified Stacey drags Lily home, and the following day, mother and daughter fake a perfect, united front for the social worker.

But Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) is concerned, and tries to persuade Stacey not to be so heavy-handed with Lily, and to let her learn from her own mistakes.

But Stacey continues to nit-pick at Lily's parenting, so Jean tells her off. Stacey confides why she is so protective after her recent ordeal at the hands of stalker Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis).

Jean reminds Stace that Theo is gone, and Lily must be Charli's protector now. But when Stacey goes outside, she finds something horrifying waiting for her. What's happened?

Viewers who identify with Stacey's story can contact the National Stalking Helpline on 08088020300, or visit suzylamplugh.org. You can also visit Safeguarding Hub.

5. Keanu is furious by Lisa's next move

Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor in EastEnders.
Danny Walters as Keanu Taylor in EastEnders. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

After being blocked from having access to daughter Peggy, Keanu was devastated that ex-fiancée Sharon helped Lisa escape. Next week, Keanu is furious when he receives an injunction from Lisa's solicitor.

At the same time, Sharon meets boxing promoter Dorian, who tells her about the work opportunities and great life she could have in Abu Dhabi. She's told that a move there could set her up for life, and Sharon is dismissive but clearly intrigued.

Could Sharon move on, or might she and Keanu reunite as he struggles in the wake of Lisa's actions? Well, we know that Sharon is still here come Christmas...

6. Whitney and Zack's big decision

Shona McGarty as Whitney Dean and James Farrar as Zack Hudson in EastEnders.
Whit and Zack take the next step BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Whitney has a successful chat with the fostering service, but is told that she and Zack need their own place before they can apply.

Chelsea struggles with the news that her friends will be moving out, but with Whit confirmed to be departing Albert Square next year, will it really be happy ever after for her and Zack?

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