**This article discusses scenes which have not yet aired on television and can be found in this week's EastEnders boxset currently streaming on BBC iPlayer. It also references sexual assault which some readers may find distressing.**


Fans have been eager to see how EastEnders' resident dynasty the Mitchells would exact revenge on Lewis Butler (Aidan O'Callaghan), the man who brutally raped Ben (Max Bowden) – and the latest boxset on BBC iPlayer has all the answers.

When Sam (Kim Medcalf) was disowned by big brother Phil (Steve McFadden) for allowing drugs to be sold at Peggy's bar (which then led to Ben's near-fatal overdose), she set out to find her nephew's attacker so she could win Phil's trust back.

She manipulated Zack Hudson (James Farrar) into tracking Lewis down – and just as Sam was considering admitting defeat and fleeing Walford, Zack called to tell her he had located the former bar manager.

Sam took the gun from the safe at Peggy's and ordered Zack to take her to Lewis. She was determined to make him pay, and later presented a bound and gagged Lewis in the boot to a stunned Phil. Although tempted to get some form of justice for his broken son, who had only just returned home from hospital, Phil had learned from discussions with Ben's mum Kathy that having Lewis killed wasn't the right way to go about things.

Ben in EastEnders
Ben made a monumental decision. BBC

He therefore told Sam they needed to let the man go, but when Phil failed to shut the car boot properly as he talked the situation over, Lewis escaped and took the gun with him! In a nearby warehouse, he pointed the weapon at Phil and Sam, but Phil was able to overpower him and take it back. Lewis's carefree manner riled Phil and he aimed the gun at him, before unleashing a few punches.

But just as things got truly violent, Ben arrived. Zack had found him moping after a failed conversation with estranged husband Callum Highway (Tony Clay) and a run-in with Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold), mother of his daughter Lexi. Zack had explained what Ben's relatives were up to and as the latter turned up to see Lewis's life under threat, Ben announced that "if anyone's gonna shoot him, it'll be me."

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Phil took Ben aside to caution him about what he might do, but ultimately vowed to stand by him whatever he chose. Sam and Phil then left Ben alone with Lewis. Pointing the gun at his rapist, Ben demanded that Lewis described that harrowing night, and with the weapon digging into his chest, a terrified Lewis finally agreed that he had sexually assaulted Ben.

EastEnders was on fine form as Max Bowden once again gave a masterclass performance, and we heard Ben challenge Lewis when the latter claimed that sex could be messy and was about power and control – something that Ben calmly pointed was the definition of rape. It dawned on him that Lewis had clearly committed this sickening act before.

After an eventful showdown which left Lewis in constant fear for his life, Ben opted not to kill him. He walked away, letting the other man go. Outside with Phil, Ben bravely explained that he needed to report Lewis to the police, despite this being against the Mitchell code.

Lewis in EastEnders tied up in the boot of a car.
Lewis was given quite the scare. BBC

Sticking to his new and improved supportive role, Phil was understanding over Ben's decision, although the words of DCI Keeble (Alison Newman), who he had asked for help on the matter, were ringing in his ears. But Kathy explained that regardless of the outcome, this was something that Ben needed to do to start healing.

When Ben sat alone at the police station, on-duty officer Callum walked into the room, recognising it as a quiet space for victims of sexual assault. There were emotional scenes as a devastated Callum finally learned what had happened to Ben. He told him how sorry he was as Ben confided that he didn't think his husband would believe him.

Callum stayed by Ben's side as they returned to the Square, but when he broached the subject of them getting back together, Ben vowed to do the right thing "even if it kills me." As Callum broke down, Ben tenderly held his hand as he told him they were over for good.

But is this really the end for the couple? And will Lewis be arrested for his crime?

EastEnders has worked closely with Survivors Manchester on Ben's storyline. You can find help and support at www.survivorsmanchester.org.uk and www.survivorsuk.org.

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