Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) took a stand against Phil (Steve McFadden) in tonight's EastEnders (9th September) in powerful scenes.


The latest episode of the BBC soap, which aired this evening, was postponed yesterday (Thursday 8th September) following a series of BBC One schedule changes in light of the death of Queen Elizabeth II aged 96.

It saw Honey furious in the aftermath of Billy's (Perry Fenwick) arrest by DCI Keeble (Alison Newman), over the murder of the police officer's father in the '70s. Storming over to the house, Honey demanded to speak to Phil, ordering him to help her ex-husband.

Unfortunately, Phil's trusty solicitor Ritchie (Sian Webber) couldn't help as there was a conflict of interest due to Phil's involvement in passing on information.

Honey was adamant that Billy didn't deserve this treatment, telling Phil that "my Billy" wasn't like the rest of the Mitchell men. As she shouted Phil down, he warned her to watch what she was saying - but Honey wasn't scared of him, adding that this confrontation had been a long time coming.

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Honey and Billy in EastEnders
Honey and Billy were reunited. BBC

Nothing could stop Honey as she dished out some home truths, and Phil took his anger out on Kat Slater's (Jessie Wallace) young twins Bert and Ernie who had ignored his orders to go to sleep. Kat walked in just as Phil threatened them with "a good hiding," and he left when she made it clear that he would never get the chance to hurt her boys.

Left alone in the kitchen, Kat comforted Honey who had grown more and more distressed over Billy's plight. Kat poured her a drink while Honey worried that Billy would be stuck in a cell without any clean underwear. "That's unhygienic!" she wailed.

With Honey best known for her comedic presence, this was a fantastic example of star Barton's range as she switched seamlessly between emotional drama and the one-liners we have come to love about the character.

Kat, meanwhile, was concerned as to whether Phil would really have hit her children - and Honey went on to explain all that Billy had told her about the kind of man Phil's dad, Eric, was. She added that she didn't believe Phil would hurt Bert and Ernie.

Meanwhile, Phil confided his shame in ex-wife Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) over turning into his dad. He was soon distracted, though, when Billy was released on bail. Billy confronted Phil over being grilled for hours, reminding his cousin that he had been loyal enough to keep quiet over Eric's actions in 1979. Later, Billy returned home where Honey was waiting.

When Billy tentatively explained that he would get his things together and move out, she assured him that she believed he was innocent and that his home was with her and their children. While Honey was hesitant to rush things, she revealed she wanted them to make another go of their relationship. In heartwarming scenes, the pair embraced.

But with Billy's future at risk, will the couple even get the chance to be together?

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