Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) may already be lining up his next victim in Coronation Street, as he issued a veiled threat to Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) tonight (28th April).


With Stephen engaged to Tim's mum Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox), the latest instalment saw Tim learn this news with horror. Although he was never keen on his mother being romanced by Stephen, Tim was pleased that Elaine wasn't putting her new flat in Stephen's name, and it was only when she confirmed that she planned on marrying the man that tensions came to a head.

Meanwhile, viewers know that Stephen has actually been using Elaine for her money. He was busy managing the Underworld factory, but was stopped in his tracks when he opened a letter that warned him someone knew what he had done to Rufus (Steve Meo) - the client that Stephen killed recently. This left him distracted as he obsessed over who knew his secret.

At the Rovers to toast to a new deal, Stephen was put out when Owen (Ben Hull) flirted with Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews). His unease over the events of the day was spotted by Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank), who offered to be a listening ear - but naturally, Stephen turned him down.

Later, he spotted the two young lads he had previously tried to buy drugs from, and discovered that they were the ones who had sent him the note. Stephen listened as they recalled the connection to LSD, before showing Stephen a newspaper clipping of himself with Rufus, who was found to have the very same substance in his system when he died.

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They tried to blackmail Stephen for thousands as they suggested they would go to the police with their suspicions. When they made a move to call the police, Stephen agreed to meet them to pay them off.

Later, Stephen taunted the young men, and insisted that he hadn't murdered Rufus and they could never prove he had. He added that Rufus had mental health problems and his death was an accident. He then menacingly threatened the pair, warning that he could kill them.

Oblivious to what Stephen was really capable of, Tim interrogated Elaine about her commitment to Stephen, determined to talk her out of it. Elaine wasn't happy that Stephen was being judged when he wasn't even present to defend himself.

Sally Metcalfe, Stephe Reid and Tim Metcalfe next week.
Sally Metcalfe, Stephe Reid and Tim Metcalfe next week. ITV

Once Stephen arrived, he played along that he loved Elaine, and made Tim look even worse in front of his mum by implying that he doubted Stephen could ever find Elaine attractive. Tim's mistrust of Stephen, and his attitude, upset Elaine, and when he said he couldn't understand why the older man liked her, the couple left.

Elaine decided she was more determined than ever to marry Stephen and they planned to wed in Las Vegas. Back at the pub, Tim challenged Stephen and insisted that the wedding would happen over his dead body.

"I hope it doesn't come to that," replied Stephen. Is Tim about to meet his maker courtesy of the local killer?

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