Here's your essential guide to all the major developments on Coronation Street next week:


Jim McDonald's comeback
Jim is out of the "big house" and back in Weatherfield, but not everyone is pleased to see him. In fact, Peter Barlow will react quite violently to Jim's reappearance in scenes to be shown next Friday. As long-time viewers will no doubt recall, Jim put Peter’s life on the line in prison when he poisoned him with alcohol four years ago. And it seems that Peter is in no mood to forgive and forget, opting instead to lunge at Jim when he makes his comeback.

The upcoming drama sees Jim turn up unexpectedly at the Rovers just as Steve is enjoying a surprise stag do. Telling his dad that he wants nothing to do with him, Steve storms out. But his reaction is mild compared to Peter’s, who wastes no time in showing Jim exactly what he thinks of him.


Corrie fans will then see Jim begging for the chance to explain himself, with Liz appearing to soften as she brings her ex-husband up to date on Steve and Michelle’s split and his relationship with Tracy. At the end of their conversation, Liz agrees to talk to Steve for him – but will Steve come round and reconcile with Jim?

Sophie and Paula kiss
Newcomer Paula will make her move on an unsuspecting Sophie in next week’s episodes, but how will Sally’s daughter react? After Sally’s attempt to match-make Sophie with Paula’s daughter Isla backfires, the legal eagle ends up admitting that she is interested in Sophie herself! With the chemistry sizzling, Paula tells Sophie reveals that she’s bisexual – and Sophie then leans in for a kiss…


“There’s a nice little flirtation where they’re both toying with the idea of being involved with each other and Sophie then makes the decision that this is going to happen,” says actress Stirling Gallacher. “Paula then has to think about whether or not she’s willing to risk her working relationship because it’s not a sensible move to get involved with someone’s daughter when you’re representing them in such a way.”

Jude takes the credit for saving Roy's life
Roy Cropper will be in urgent need of medical attention when he has a severe reaction to a bee sting. Scenes to be shown on Monday see Roy collapse in the urban garden, only to be saved by local GP Ali Neeson, who just happens to be passing with an EpiPen in his possession. But events look set to take an unexpected turn when fantasist Jude Appleton rings for an ambulance before spotting a way to turn the situation to his advantage.


As viewers know, Jude’s marriage to Angie is currently on the rocks after he told a lie about being a marine biologist (he was actually working in the sea life gift shop). With Angie now threatening to dump Jude for good, the hapless bungler needs to boost his image in his wife’s eyes. And Roy’s health crisis soon ends up being the perfect opportunity.

When Roy opens his eyes and sees Jude in front of him, he thanks him for saving his life – and Jude fails to mention Ali’s involvement. As praise is heaped on Jude in the Rovers, Angie tells him she’s proud of him. And it seems though the hero worship ends up giving Jude ideas: by the end of next week, he’s telling mum Mary that he’s thinking of training to be a paramedic!

Bethany's shock discovery
Bethany will be left facing a dilemma when she finds out that Billy has been making regular trips to the hospital to visit Josh, the one-time Coronation Street mechanic who raped her uncle David. The shock revelation comes after Bethany spots Billy giving money to homeless Frank and begins to worry that he's back on drugs. But after tailing Billy to Weatherfield General, Bethany learns the worrying truth: that the local vicar is visiting Josh. But will Bethany understand when Billy explains that he feels responsible for the injuries Josh sustained in a recent beating? Or will she reveal all to David about what she's witnessed?


Jack comes home
Jack Webster's neighbours may have organised a surprise 'welcome home' party for him, but it seems he's in no mood to celebrate - and not even an appearance by local footballer Tommy Orpington can lift his spirits. This is, of course, the first time that Jack has been back on the Street since having his lower leg amputated, but the sight of the neighbourhood's kids crowding round Tommy proves too much for him to handle. Can dad Kevin be a source of support for his son at this tough time?


Baby drama for Sinead
Pregnant Sinead will challenge Carla about her kissing Daniel, but the showdown soon turns sour when she starts bleeding and has to be rushed to hospital. And this is only the start of Sinead's woes: recent press reports revealed that Sinead will be diagnosed with cervical cancer this autumn. The Underworld machinist will soon the face the dilemma of whether she should go ahead with cancer treatment that could risk the life of her unborn baby.


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