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Coronation Street spoilers: the reason for Roy Cropper's collapse is REVEALED

Roy's medical crisis is set to have big repercussions for Ali and Jude

Published: Tuesday, 28th August 2018 at 10:04 am

Roy Cropper will be in urgent need of medical attention on next week's Coronation Street when he has a severe reaction to a bee sting. Scenes to be shown on Monday 3 September see Roy collapse in the urban garden, only to be saved by local GP Ali Neeson, who just happens to be passing with an EpiPen in his possession. But events look set to take an unexpected turn when fantasist Jude Appleton rings for an ambulance before spotting a way to turn the situation to his advantage.


As viewers know, Jude's marriage to Angie is currently on the rocks after he told a lie about being a marine biologist (he was actually working in the sea life gift shop). With Angie now threatening to dump Jude for good, the hapless bungler needs to boost his image in his wife's eyes. And Roy's health crisis soon ends up being the perfect opportunity.


When Roy opens his eyes and sees Jude in front of him, he thanks him for saving his life - and Jude fails to mention Ali's involvement. Says Paddy Wallace of Jude's big fib:

"By the time Roy comes around, Ali has gone off to find another EpiPen so Roy thinks it’s Jude that has saved his life and in typical Jude fashion he doesn’t disagree with Roy. He doesn’t necessarily tell a lie in that moment, he just doesn’t tell the truth and Jude is very quick to realises that this could work for him."


As praise is heaped on Jude in the Rovers, Angie tells him she's proud of him. And it seems though the hero worship ends up giving Jude ideas: by the end of next week, he's telling mum Mary that he's thinking of training to be a paramedic. Adds Wallace: "Jude does believe that he can do this and he sees that as a new career because he has no career. He's viewing this as a positive and something which could potentially be a good thing for him and his family."

The trouble is, of course, that GP Ali knows the truth about what Jude did (or rather, didn't) do, so could expose his lie at any point. So is Jude worried about his fabrication being revealed? "Jude is confident that he can manipulate the situation, but he is wary of Ali. With Jude, you just don’t know what he could do. If he's backed in to the corner and he feels that Ali is in the way, then he might have to push out..."


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