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What is Coronation Street's Spider hiding after passion with Toyah?

What is his big secret?

Martin Hancock as Spider Nugent in Coronation Street.
Published: Friday, 12th August 2022 at 9:00 pm
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Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock) continued to harbour a mysterious secret in tonight's Coronation Street (12th August) as he took another secret phone call.


The returnee has proved himself as a good friend to ex-girlfriend Toyah Habeeb (Georgia Taylor) recently, trying to be supportive while keeping her out of trouble. Toyah is currently on bail, awaiting a murder trial over the death of husband Imran (Charlie de Melo).

This week, Spider alerted Toyah's stepsister Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) to the fact that Toyah was feeling lonely and isolated. Leanne still didn't approve of Spider's presence, but she took his words on board and invited Toyah to move in with her. And as the ITV soap continued tonight, Toyah was keen to look out for Spider too, as she heard that he had been arrested at another protest.

She marched down to the police station to insist on his release, but Spider was never going to be charged, and he visited Toyah after leaving the station. As they chatted, Toyah leaned in to kiss Spider, and one thing led to another. But later, Toyah was disgusted that she had slept with Spider and asked him to leave.

Abi Webster (Sally Carman) arrived to check on Toyah after growing concerned during an earlier conversation when Toyah handed her Imran's savings account for baby Alfie. As Abi made small-talk, Toyah blurted out that she had just had sex with Spider. After confiding that she simply wanted to feel something again, Toyah was supported by Abi, who told her not to punish herself.

In the Rovers, Spider caught up with Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor), and spoke to Beth Sutherland (Lisa George), who asked if he had children. Spider was quick to say he didn't – a point we'll come back to shortly.

Toyah then walked in and Spider made to leave, but she approached him and the pair agreed to be just friends. As Leanne turned up and warned her sister not to get too involved with Spider, Spider left the pub and we saw him speaking on the phone.

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Whoever was on the other end of the call, all we heard was Spider saying he had been very busy, but he couldn't wait to "get back".

But what exactly is Spider hiding? It's already been teased that there's more to his return than meets the eye, and is ready to unpack any and all possible theories.

What is Spider's secret in Coronation Street?

Toyah kissing Spider in Coronation Street
Exes Toyah and Spider have a passionate encounter. ITV

Star Hancock previously told us of Spider's comeback: "There is more to it. And that is all I’ll say at this stage…It’s going to be a corker, and I was surprised when I found out what is coming up. I thought I was just coming back to open a mung bean shop!"

While that doesn't give much away, if we go back to Spider's first week back on-screen, viewers will recall that his first furtive phone call discussed a plan going ahead. It may have seemed like this was referring to the scheme to move homeless people into the abandoned brewery – but was that really the case?

Then there's the way Spider was so quick to say no when Beth asked if he had any kids. With Sally adding that Spider's concern for the welfare of the planet meant he would surely be against increasing the population, could he be hiding a large family with several offspring? It's hardly the big bombshell we'd expect, we'll admit!

But it's certainly possible that Spider could have been talking to a secret wife or child on the phone. And Toyah would most definitely send him packing for good if she learned she had just slept with a married 'family' man.

Or could his deceit be covering up something much darker? Might the chirpy Spider be an evil mastermind, wrapped up in Toyah's latest drama without her knowledge? He does seem to genuinely care about her, so perhaps it's not so clear cut and he's involved under duress.

There's also the wild suggestion that arose during Sally and Beth's chat: that Spider knew Imran and didn't like him, or Imran may have been trying to get Spider sent to prison! Is he involved in Toyah's torment somehow, or is Spider's web of lies linked to a totally separate storyline?

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