Romance may not be on the horizon for Tommy Orpington (Matt Milburn) and Tracy McDonald (Kate Ford) anytime soon, with Tommy set to head off to Spain as he has accepted a job as an assistant coach at a football academy in Spain - though Tracy is none the wiser.


As viewers have seen play out on screen, Tommy and Tracy are having an affair behind Steve's back, but with their short-lived fun possibly coming to an end, Tommy could end up making a fool of Tracy - which, as fans will know, is probably not the best thing to do.

During tonight's episode, Steve found out the truth about Tracy's affair, and was devastated to say the least.

While he made out to Tim that Tracy begged for a second chance, he is battling with knowing that Tracy wants out of their marriage.

Tim and Steve in Coronation Street. They are looking at each other in the landing of a house
Tim and Steve in Coronation Street. ITV

While Tracy isn't a serial killer by any means, she does have form when it comes to getting revenge on men who cross her, and Matt Milburn knows his character Tommy Orpington ought to be careful when it comes to letting the legacy character down gently.

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During a Q&A with and other press, Milburn acknowledged Tracy's history, and said: "I think he needs to really tread carefully if he's going to proceed with this relationship.

"Knowing that, you know, Tracy's got a penchant for acting out. I think he needs to be a little bit careful."

Many fans will, of course, remember back in 2007 that the Coronation Street icon killed her former boyfriend Charlie Stubbs (Bill Ward) in revenge after she found out he cheated on her with Maria Connor (then Sutherland).

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Speaking of his acting partnership with Ford, Milburn said he was "over the moon" when he found out his storyline.

"Kate has obviously been in it from the start and that family is [an] absolute foundation," he said. "Knowing that I was going to be interacting with a character of that magnitude, I was buzzing."

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